How to style artwork throughout your home

Art is a personal reflection on you and your style. It’s such a simple way to add personality to your home and transform the look of any room.

You need to decide where your artwork is going to live. The first place to start is the focal point in your room. You need to enter into each room and observe where your eye is drawn to first. If your room already has a large piece of decor as the focal point, you need to choose a smaller or less impactful piece of art for that room.

Next thing to decide is the type of artwork. What type of mood are you trying to create in the room? Don’t feel the need to hang your artwork. You can layer a piece of art over a mirror on a mantle or arranged elegantly on a shelf. Third, do you prefer artwork that is framed or unframed? Exterior framing can draw your eye to the piece of art especially if it is mounted. 

Above all, this is your space to show your creativity. Let your personality shine throughout the walls of your home. You can make it simple with just one painting, 15 family photos or children’s art projects. It’s your happiness that matters the most. 

For the bedroom

This is the place you can escape from the day and your artwork needs to reflect that and your overall space. I would suggest using calming colors like grays and pale blues, but again, you need to incorporate colors that also incorporate with your decor. 

For the bathroom

You may not think of the bathroom as a space to hang art, which is why it is frequently overlooked. The artwork here should flow with the design and the overall vibe of the bathroom. Artwork is most commonly placed over the toilet or on the countertop. If placed on the countertop, I love to offset it with a faux potted plant, a vase with some stems or a couple canisters. 

For the office

The office is a place that we need to feel inspired or creative throughout the day I love using bookshelves in the office and adding framed artwork to the shelves. Another idea would be to add a gallery wall behind your desk. 

For the living room

The living room can often be intimidating when trying to choose the right artwork. The space can be large and overwhelming. It is usually the most used room in the house and needs to be decorated just right. This is the room that sparks conversation and most of your guests will be entertained in. 

For the dining room

The layout of your room can help point you in the direction as to where your wall art should go. Does your room have picture windows or a large scale wall? If you have a buffet table, a great place would be to hang the art over the table.When art is hung higher, guest can also view it whether they are sitting or standing. You can also think outside the box for this room and use wallpaper as wall art. 

Art is the perfect way to make a space feel true to yourself. Take some time getting to know your space 

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor.

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