Wallingford blogger gives tips to surviving allergy season

Wallingford blogger gives tips to surviving allergy season

With spring in full swing, I can't go one day without remembering to protect myself from any prolonged exposure to the outdoors. Wondering why? I'm allergic to quite a bit of what is blooming in nature. This is my first spring with the background knowledge that my headaches, runny nose, and aches and pains are attributed to severe allergies. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, here are some tips for surviving allergy season.

Tip 1

It's hard to not go outside when the weather is so beautiful during the spring. However, some days it can look like it's snowing pollen.  After spending time outside, wash your face/hands and change your clothes. If you can actually see pollen on yourself, take a shower. Pollen will cling to you.

Tip 2

Leave nature outside where it belongs. My family never wears outdoor shoes around the house because of everything that you can possibly track inside. Keep your shoes in a designated area, like by the back door, on a rubber mat.

Tip 3

Wear a mask and gloves while gardening. Unfortunately, I am highly allergic to the majority of the weeds that grow in our backyard so I cannot be anywhere near them. My husband has to do all gardening this season—so I compromised to play with the girls while he does it.

Tip 4

No matter how much you love the smell of fresh air, refrain from opening the windows in your home and car. If you truly cannot resist and you want to open a window for a little bit, make sure it isn't a windy day.

Tip 5

Stay hydrated and gargle with salt water for a scratchy throat.

Tip 6

Surviving allergy season can be hard. Make sure you consult your doctor if you think you have seasonal allergies. I never knew how many allergens I actually am allergic to until I saw a specialist. Don't let allergies ruin your enjoyment of the spring!


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