Wallingford blogger gives tips on bringing babies, toddlers to the beach

Are you planning a trip to the beach with your baby or toddler? It can be stressful to bring little ones for the first time. Here are my tips for babies and toddlers at the beach, including everything you will want to purchase before you go.

Start planning early.

Give yourself enough time to make lists and pack appropriately for your vacation with a baby or toddler. I find that when I’m rushing I end up forgetting essential items and then have to spend extra money purchasing them on our trip. Pack your kids’ clothing in packing cubes to keep everything organized and bring a few extra outfits/swimsuits in case of emergencies. Put together their bags a few days in advance so you can go back to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Protect baby’s skin from the sun.

I love the one piece onesie sunsuit/swimsuit for Ailey because I know her arms and legs are covered. We also love UV Skinz hats as they shade her eyes while providing great facial coverage. Our little princess Annabelle adores her ruffle swim skirt and matching shirt. Don’t forget sunglasses and a half or full beach umbrella too.

Contain your baby at the beach.

We set an activity station right under the umbrella on the beach for Ailey and she thought she was the cats pajamas. There are hooks for toys, a cup holder, and mesh bowl built into the chair. For younger babies, a portable sleeping tent is the perfect place to nap as its breathable and will protect your little one from the sand and sun. 

Bring your own toys for the beach.

If you want to save yourself from having to buy overpriced beach toys, bring your own! Last year we made the mistake of leaving Annabelle’s bucket and shovel at home, so we had to purchase the most expensive plastic beach toys ever made (that were broken in a day). Or you can bring a full beach toy set including watering can (which is a must) and sand molds.

Keep Your Toddler Safe in the Water.

Annabelle loves to play in the ocean with her Daddy, but she doesn’t know how to swim yet. She has been wearing the Puddle Jumper for years and knows how to move around in it quite well. We would NEVER let her swim in the ocean or any water unsupervised, but it makes us feel better knowing she has something to keep her afloat. Or, if you prefer, bring a life vest.

Caitlin Houston is a Wallingford blogger and mom of two who loves sharing all of her favorites on the Caitlin Houston Blog. Learn about fun activities at home, family friendly travels, easy recipes and more. 

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