A Wallingford blogger’s guide to throwing a unicorn-themed birthday party

A unicorn is said to be magical, innocent and rare. They are associated with a vibrant imagination and a sense of wonder. I couldn’t have picked a better theme to represent my daughter for her fourth birthday.

She chose her theme and stuck with it for nearly a year. She talked about her cake every single day up until her birthday and I was on pins and needles just waiting to spoil her with a day filled of all the special things she loves.

Giuliana is my little firecracker. She is quiet but fierce and she loves with all she has. She cares so deeply for those she loves. She studies me in every way as I bake, do projects and she loves to be creative. She wants to be right alongside me shadowing my every move. She has been incredibly patient this past year with me teaching my son from home, so I wanted to pour my heart into this party for her.

Each night for two weeks I worked on her special day. Some nights the kids helped me. I enjoyed those moments the best. Without further ado, I want to dive into the details.

You are Personally Invited

How are you invited to a birthday party? Is your invitation mailed or sent via text or email? I think texting and emailing is the way of the future for party invites. For me, if I do not put it into my calendar right away, I forget about the party. At least when an invitation was sent, I would have it on the fridge as a constant reminder.

The Candy Cart

First up, I wanted to have a candy cart as the backdrop of her party. Did you know that candy stands range from $275, plus delivery, for just a rental and $400 to $1,500 to buy one? Well I did not. We had a vegetable stand my husband made for the kids in the backyard and it was perfect to transform it into a candy cart. I spray painted it white and purchased a wheel from Amazon that I also painted white. We added a piece of wood to the top of the cart for the candy to sit on. My husband used white pieces of wood on the side to give it a finished look. On top of the candy cart, I made homemade popcorn and put a handful in a plastic sleeve and then inside a white box.


I usually have my dining room table setup for the dessert table, but with Covid precautions, I wanted everyone to enjoy it, so I decorated outside. I used my patio table for the dessert table. I purchased a photography stand, which I used to display my backdrop of streamers, balloons and wood cut-out. It was extremely windy that day and it kept blowing the photography stand over, so we actually had to tie it down.

I wanted to incorporate the rainbow unicorn theme, but used more muted colors. I tied the different colored streamers to a ribbon and hung it on the photography pole.

Dessert Table

With the help of my son, who is my fabulous assistant, we made the chocolate covered pretzels and candy kabobs. I used pretzel sleeves for both the pretzel logs and kabobs. I wanted everything to be individually wrapped.

One of the most eye catching desserts was the Cotton Candy Unicorn Magic Cake.

My daughter absolutely loves cake pops. Every time we go to Starbucks, she has to have a chocolate cake pop, so naturally I had to have them for her birthday.

The Kids Table

I wanted a low table for the kids to sit at because they are little. I also wanted it to be special for my little girl. We used two pieces of plywood for the table. I used a piece of blush material for the table runner, vintage candle holders and blush candle sticks. Each place setting also had a wood rainbow or wood unicorn to paint. I gave each child a Unicorn Favor Box.

Family help

I want to give a huge shout out to my mom, Giuliana’s grandma. She was the reason this party was possible. She helped take care of the kids at night while I prepared for Giuliana’s birthday. She is the most selfless woman I know and always drops everything to help us. Thank you so much mom. We love you.

Amanda Piscitelli is a mom of three from Wallingford, a business owner and blogger of Livingwithamanda.com where she talks about motherhood, lifestyle and home decor. Instagram.com/livingwithamanda

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