Wallingford blogger gives tips on celebrating the end of the school year

The last day of school is always a monumental celebration for children and parents alike. It’s such an amazing accomplishment to reach the end of another school year — especially after last year’s abrupt switch to distance learning. Whether you’re celebrating the last day of in-school or homeschool learning, there are many ways to honor your child’s hard work and to kick off summer!

Start the last day of school with a fun breakfast

My daughters get so excited if I surprise them on a school morning with a box of donuts and decorate-your-own-pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

Take a photo for the last day

I love being able to compare how much my daughters have grown and changed from the first day of school to the last day of school.

Make a summer bucket list

Sit down with your children to make a list of everything they want to do this summer.  

Keep traditions alive

Our little neighborhood crew gets together every last day of school for water play and ice cream! Then my family orders pizzas and we let the kids stay up late playing outside. 

Celebrate the same way every last day of school 

Perhaps your family visits the same restaurant every year or dresses up for a celebratory Last Day of School dinner at home. Whatever you choose to do, celebrate the same way every year!

More end of year traditions

“Oh the Place You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss  — Start a new tradition this year by having your child’s teacher write him/her a note for their future on a page in a book. Glue a picture of your child from the school year next to the note. Send the book to school with your child at the end of each school year until they graduate! Then your child will have a book full of inspirational notes to look back upon.

Make a top 10 list

Have your child reflect on their top ten favorite moments from the school year — or top 5 if they are little. Record their special memories in a journal or their school yearbook.

Outdoor movie night  

Bring your TV outside or set up a projector to watch a movie on the side of the house. Pop popcorn, make s’mores, or even put up a tent!

Caitlin Houston is a Wallingford blogger and mom of two who loves sharing all of her favorites on the Caitlin Houston Blog. Learn about fun activities at home, family friendly travels, easy recipes and more. 

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