Maloney principal, police address fight between students Monday

MERIDEN — First responders were called to Maloney High School after a fight broke out on campus Monday.

The fight reportedly involved several students, Principal Jennifer Straub wrote in an email to Maloney families Monday. “Maloney faculty, staff, and our SRO swiftly intervened to de-escalate the situation,” Straub wrote. 

A spokesman for the city shared Straub’s email with the media in response to what he said was “a great deal of misinformation being spread across social media as to how a fight played out...”

“I want to be very clear with you,” Straub wrote to families, “that no weapons of any type were involved in this incident and no injuries occurred, despite false rumors on the contrary. MPS, Maloney High School, and MPD worked together to ensure the safety of all of our students and address the egregious behavior of the individuals involved.”

Additional questions were referred to Board of Education President Robert Kosienski Jr., who did not return a call for comment.

Police also issued a statement saying there were no significant injuries and that school staff handled the matter with assistance from police.

—Ben Baker


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