Latest CIAC plan for fall sports eliminates Thanksgiving football 

Latest CIAC plan for fall sports eliminates Thanksgiving football 

On Friday at noon, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference put out a new plan for fall sports. The packet provided a new timeline for athletes and coaches to compete and safely deal with coronavirus pandemic.

The season will have a three-week conditioning period, starting with athletes coming together in cohorts of 15 on Aug. 27. With full teams and contact, the first scrimmages can begin on Sept. 11 and then all programs can start regular-season action on Sept. 24.

Cross country, field hockey, soccer, girls’ swimming and diving, and volleyball squads will be allowed to play 12 regular-season games, while football teams are being limited to six. Football programs can play once a week, while the other sports will be allowed to compete twice.

Cross country teams are asked to end their regular-season schedule by Oct. 29. Remaining sports will have an extra day.

If post-season tournaments can be run safely, contests will run from Oct. 31 through Nov. 15. There will be no football played on Thanksgiving this year.

All schools are asked to come up with a regional schedule between just CIAC programs. Regional play was chosen to limit and mitigate the possible spread of the coronavirus. There will be no out-of-state games.

The CIAC also wants schools to come up with a COVID-19 Advisory Committee to address health and safety issues. At practices and games, coaches and athletes are being advised to self screen themselves for signs of an illness.

For fan attendance, the CIAC is giving school districts the opportunity to make a plan for their venues and follow the guidance from the state of Connecticut.

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