At the Record-Journal we're committed to delivering FREE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE during this crisis.
Today, in this financially challenging time, we are asking for a little extra support from all of you to help us keep our newsroom on the job.

We're committed to delivering FREE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE during this crisis. Help keep our reporters on the front lines.

From the R-J Publisher: We’re Here For You  

From the R-J Publisher: We’re Here For You  

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We’re Here For You.

In this unprecedented time, our reporters, media consultants, digital experts, creative team, circulation team and business office are all here for you. Our business is considered essential under Governor Lamont’s executive order issued on Friday. We take that responsibility very seriously. We’re here for you.

Our community, our country and our world has been through so much in the last few weeks. Every day, things are changing by the minute, and it’s hard to keep up. But at least one thing has remained constant that I’ve seen in our teams and in so many social media posts from community members: the determination to make the best of this situation and the will to ultimately get through it.

Our company is 153 years old, and I am the fifth generation of our family business. Our business has faced many challenges in its history — recessions, depressions, hurricanes, floods, power outages, Nor’easters, and more — and I look forward to the day we can look back on this and tell the story of how we overcame this challenge too.

In the past two weeks, I’ve felt inspired, scared, determined, shocked and so many other feelings like all of you. But most of all, I’ve felt proud. Proud of our employees for taking their essential roles seriously. Proud of our community leaders for guiding us through this. Proud of the people who put themselves at risk to help others, like first responders and healthcare workers and many others. Proud of the businesses owners who are continuing to provide essential services. Proud of those working from home and those homeschooling their kids. Proud of my two little boys Jackson (6) and Noah (4) who are continuing to smile throughout this strange situation and are excited for their video chat playdates this weekend. What a strange world we live in right now, right?

When it comes to our team at the Record-Journal, we’re here for you. Our top priorities are to continue to provide trusted local news and to help local businesses continue doing business if they can. To stay safe we are mostly working from home, but we are fully staffed & ready to help the community however we can. We have embraced video conferencing and we’re washing our hands a lot.

1. Local News You Can Trust

Breaking Coverage at

We understand you need the most up-to-date information about this situation. Our team of experienced, professional journalists is working tirelessly to cover the local stories happening in our community during this challenging time. As a service to our community we are providing FREE coronavirus coverage online during the crisis.

That said, I also feel obligated to tell you that although this news is free, producing it is not. Why is it so important for your news to come from a trusted source? In a 2020 Civic Science survey 64% of social media users said they had seen false information about coronavirus on their social media feeds. That’s a scary statistic. People need trusted local news from a trusted source.

If you want to help us continue to provide this critical local coverage produced by our trained, trusted journalists, please consider purchasing a subscription at to support the work we do. If you already subscribe, we thank you. Please consider buying a gift subscription for a friend or family member.

We’re Listening at

Want to share news ideas, thoughts, coronavirus experiences, comments, announcements, anything on your mind? Submit now, we’re listening.

2. Solutions to Help Local Businesses

We want to help local businesses continue doing business as best they can through this tough time. Please don’t think of this as a sales pitch. Our job is to provide marketing solutions that will let the community know who is still operating right now so local people can continue to support the local businesses they love during this time.

Our media consultants are eager to help. Tell us your challenges, your needs and your message. The RJ Media team is focused on developing appropriate marketing solutions, including online, print, email and social marketing solutions available at significantly reduced rates with higher frequency.

The response we’ve gotten from many local businesses is that they are very excited to get their message out to the community as quickly as possible. Let us be your guide through a difficult time. We thank you for your business.

We’ll Get Through This Together

I’ve read dozens of messages from CEOs, government officials and leaders in the past two weeks and they’re right. We will get through this together.

At the Record-Journal, we’re here for you. We’re a 153-year-old family business and we want to stay family owned. We live here, we work here and we want to support the community any way we can.

For now, I’m off to a video playdate with my kids.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at