New gallery to open in downtown Meriden

New gallery to open in downtown Meriden

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MERIDEN — Local artists will be able to display their work in a pop up art gallery opening next month on Colony Street.

The Artists Colony, 5 Colony St, will have a soft opening on Jan. 7, with an official opening several days later. Lisa Biesak, co-director of Making Meriden Business Center, said the gallery will also offer information about grants, exhibits and art events around Connecticut.

“We want to give folks a hub, a place to meet and not only engage as artists, but to showcase their work,” Biesak said.

Biesak said artists can display their work at the gallery for a small fee. It will operate on a three month pilot program.

“It’s so easy and close to come and start using Meriden as a hub,” she said. “(The art community) can sort of be an economic development driver.”

The new gallery joins Gallery 53, 53 Colony St., and Wepa Art Studio, 35 West Main St.

Gallery 53 Board President Christine Webster said the new gallery will help the city’s art community by bringing in a younger “computer savvy crowd.”

“Back in the day Meriden was filled with artists from all over the world,” Webster said. “That has sort of get more artists back in Meriden would be a move in the right direction.”

The gallery will also offer digital art classes. Local artist Apollo Maldonado will teach digital painting.

“You don’t have to worry about paint brushes and at the end you get a painting,” Maldonado said.

Maldonado said participants will use digital pens and computers to create art. He hopes to also offer classes for young adults and teens.

“I’m trying to make a difference... to get kids off the street, ” Maldonado said. “I always wanted to inspire young artists and this is the way to do it.”
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