The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 30 — Nov. 6.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 30 — Nov. 6.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 30 – Nov. 6.

Kevin M. Frayler and Catherine Frayler to James Frayler, 137 Wilbur Ave., $243,000.

Victor M. Torres to Michael C. Ulett and T S Flemmings-Ulett, 15 Stoneycrest Drive, $227,000.

David P. Knight and Karyn S. Knight to Joel S. Mercado and Monica Mercado, 32 Lucia Drive, $290,000.

78 Maple Property LLC to Jorge L. Acevedo and Carmen J. Acevedo, 78 Maple St., $137,500.

Kenneth D. Hewitt to Erika Kummer, 185 Atkins St., $131,900.

Antonio P. Saia to Asif R. Jaferi, 39 Britannia St., $150,000.

Robert E. Kruvka  Est and Judith Cooper to Nader Saleh, 120 Gravel St. Unit F45, $35,000.

Christopher P. Morin to Gineen Hogans, 280 High Hill Road, $323,000.

James J. Gorske to Kevin Nicol, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 72, $127,000.

Matthew Jefferson to Miguel A. Perez, 718 Broad St. Unit C6, $111,000.

Christopher M. Helms and Stacee L Helms to Jerimey A Smith, 1655 N Colony Road Unit 4002, $149,900.

Doreen M. Camp to Younesse A. Hassi, 560 Yale Ave. Unit 122, $172,000.

Right Choice Properties to Dennis Lorenzo, 97 Schooner Lane, $245,000.

Norma Walberg to Elizabeth Williams, 20 Hinman St., $138,000.

Heidi Underhill to Mark Caplan and Tina Caplan, 154 Finch Ave., $349,900.

Scott Molster to Christine E. Sumowski and Ann M. Sumowski, 560 Yale Ave. Unit 227, $161,000.

Joanne P. Giancola Est and John Frasco to Jonathan A. Lopez and Abigail Lopez, 113 Fiesta Hts, $272,000.

R Allen Frommelt and Tara B. Mulvey to Justin Rogers and Marisa Montemuro, 147 Buckingham St., $175,000.

Sompith S. Mala and Lisa A. Mala to Ryan J. Slovak, 209 Lydale Place, $260,000.

Michael Morin and Caroline Morin to Richard Brantley, 60 Fowler Ave., $194,000.

Jeffrey Parkhurst and Katrina Parkhurst to Jennifer Easter, 127 Amity St., $230,500.

Christopher E. Maslar to Halloran J. Zanone, 23 Gay St., $250,000.

Mary B. Wilkins to Grove Gerace and Michael Hennessey, 984 Hanover Road, $175,000.

Brian K. Josenhans and Alyssa E. Smith to William Brown, 85 Millbrook Road, $240,000.

Nicholas Dellamura and Erica Dellamura to Darryl Margitich and Lisa Festa, 38 Sunrise Hill, $255,000.

Sheftel Children T. and Brian H. Sheftel to Andrews Adjei, 370 Brownstone Road, $485,000.

130 Cook Avenue LLC to William E Ortiz, 130 Cook Ave., $190,000.

USA HUD to Faisal Naveed, 39 Avery Ave., $195,100.

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