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New Meriden afterschool art program to host student exhibit

MERIDEN — A local afterschool program will showcase students’ artwork in an exhibit next weekend.

Our House Meriden, a newly founded nonprofit, is located at the childhood home of its founder Catherine Del Buono. The house at 17 North St. was donated to Mount Carmel Church 20 years ago. When the church gave the house back to the Del Buono family last summer, Catherine Del Buono said she was inspired.

“I wanted to do something with it,” she said. “To take the house and do something to give back to the community.” 

A community garden was planted on the property in the summer. In September, an arts program was added for students from nearby John Barry Elementary School.

”It allows them to do something after school...  to use that energy to put into creativity and the arts,”  Del Buono said.

 The program runs Tuesday to Thursday and provides snacks, games, and art classes. The Dec. 14 year-end art show and holiday party at the house will begin at 4 p.m. It will showcase the art students have done in the program

Teresa Figliomeni, Our House vice president,  said students have worked with various mediums, including paint and clay. 

“The small steps towards helping the community make a difference to kids,” Figliomeni said.

Figliomeni said the goal now is perfecting the current programs before more are added. 

The arts program is expected to continue until May. Grant funding, donations from local businesses and individuals, and a contribution from the City of Meriden helps keep the program free for students.

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