Meriden police search Guiffrida Park for suspects, possibly after car chase

MERIDEN — Police conducted a manhunt in Guiffrida Park for at least an hour after a police cruiser chased a sedan north on Bee Street on Wednesday.

Police might have been looking for two men, of which one was seen in handcuffs at the park by witnesses after the chase, which began at about 6 p.m,, witnesses said.

At the height of the search, more than a dozen police were involved, searching the western side of the park, according to two fishermen who were there at the time. By 7:30 p.m., the last officer had left.

A witness said that police chased the sedan, a four-door Honda hybrid, from Bee Street to Baldwin Avenue before the police pursuit ended at the entrance to the park.

The sedan might have blown a right-rear tire during the chase, according to the witness. At one point, what appeared to be a middle-age man was handcuffed and guarded by police as he sat on a short wall near the park entrance.

Guffrida is located in the northeast corner of Meriden off Westfield Road and the southern end of Bradley Hubbard Reservoir.

A Patrol Division sergeant said the investigation is ongoing and that he hoped to release more information or that the Detective Division would release more information about the incident later.

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