Meriden police seize $5,000 in fireworks 

Meriden police seize $5,000 in fireworks 

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MERIDEN — Police seized an estimated $5,000 worth of illegal fireworks stored in a garage behind a two-family Bunker Avenue residence on Friday. 

Police Sgt. Darrin McKay said in a news release that patrol officers executed a search warrant for the garage behind 171-173 Bunker Ave. Photos released showed numerous packages of fireworks stacked on shelves along the garage walls and underneath the roof rafters. 

McKay said the patrol division fielded “numerous complaints” of illegal fireworks in the Bunker Avenue area Thursday night and early Friday. 

A review of emergency dispatch calls over the previous 72 hours showed police fielded 18 fireworks-related complaints during that time frame. At least 10 of those calls came from addresses within a two-mile area around Bunker Avenue. 

“Our patrol officers did outstanding work in developing information which led them to apply for the search and seizure warrant for the noted garage at 171-173 Bunker Avenue,” McKay said. 

City police turned the seized fireworks over to the State Police Bomb Squad to detonate.

Police did not announce any arrests or charges, but said they are anticipated. 

“It should be noted that our Patrol Division has been receiving numerous complaints regarding illegal fireworks activity and we are and will continue to work diligently to identify anyone who is in possession of and/or setting off illegal fireworks within the city,” McKay said. 

The seizure follows previous statements from officials that the city would be stepping up its fireworks enforcement efforts.


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