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Meriden’s Mystify to offer healing touch as part of Yulefest

MERIDEN — Misty Marks scours gem shows and warehouses to bring spiritual surprises to her Colony Street and traveling shop customers.

Marks opened Mystify at 445 Colony St. in 2021, at a time when other businesses were shutting doors, or putting restrictions on shopping.

“This is my first store,” Marks said. “I started this because we were going through the pandemic and people needed to heal.”

Her 1,000-square-foot shop features a bounty of crystals, reiki stones, incense varieties, Tibetan bowls, cauldrons, reading cards and more. A backroom is used for readings and healing treatments

Marks also totes her wares to pop-up markets throughout  the state and will be among the vendors at next weekend’s YuleFest on Colony Street.

The small shop next to the former Al’s Cup & Saucer was well-suited for Mystify and had ample parking for customers. But former owner Alan Giacco sold the building to Lupe Llamuca-Bimboza in July for $200,000, according to city records. The new owner has other plans for the property, Marks said, and she has to be out by Dec. 31. 

“I live up the street and it’s a short walk to be home with the kids,” she said. “But I’ve always wanted to be downtown. I’m putting the feelers out there.”

Marks is originally from California and moved with her family to Meriden 11 years ago. She’s a longtime student of spirituality and the healing arts. 

“There are all kinds of different ways to heal ourselves,” Marks said. “We’re made of star dust. I was fascinated with crystals and finding natural ways to heal. I had the freedom to choose what I believe in.”

Marks wanted to create a place where people “can come in and feel safe and not feel judged.” Sage bundles are her top sellers because it takes away heavy energies, but crystals are where she does the most teaching.

“Depending on what you got going on, there’s usually a crystal to get you through the day. I’m here to make people smile,” Marks said. “These are gifts for healing the soul.”

Her window display and store interior are packed with brightly colored gemstones, crystals and jade pieces and textiles. While retailing at a pop-up market last year, she was one of only a few vendors selected to appear with her booth in the horror movie “Founders Day,” filmed in Milford and set for release in January. 

Marks also retails at yoga events run by the Parks and Recreation Department, and teaches dream weaver crafts for the youth summer camps. 

“This is my third YuleFest,” Marks said. “I’m trying to do as many of these local shows as I can. I want to support the community more and be involved.”

Customer and part-time helper Lexi Hines, who also lives nearby, is a frequent visitor to the funky shop. 

“I love it here,” Hines said as she explained the difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards. 

Marks hopes she can connect with a landlord soon and move out before the deadline. But, if not, she still has her home shop and online store to service customers. 

“I have to find another space,” Marks said. “The universe is going to work it out the way it is supposed to.”

For more information visit https://mystify-llc.square.site.

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