PHOTOS: Meriden after school programs adopt safety protocols to protect students

As schools and students navigate the new rules during this pandemic, so do after school programs.

The Meriden YMCA after school program has set up a protocol for students when they arrive after school. 

Students at Israel Putnam Elementary School in Meriden are temperature checked and have their hands sanitized before heading to their group. Students wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth as they wait with their groups for other students to arrive.

Depending on the weather, students are brought outside to do homework and play on the school’s playscape.  Students do not have to wear a mask when outside.  The students get involved in a group activity before snack time. During snack time students, have assigned seats at picnic tables, with a limit of 4 at a table.

At the end of the day, parents call the YMCA staff at the location to pick up their children.  A staff member walks them to the front door where the parent can pick-up. 

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