POUND fitness classes in Meriden get the body rockin’

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MERIDEN – Tucked away in a plaza off a quiet street, a small storefront sounds like a concert hall on Tuesday nights.

“POUND fitness is really kind of a rock out workout,” Susie Marie Kulas said. “Where you are using these weighted drum sticks to work your entire body.”

Kulas is one of the two POUND fitness instructors at Higher Movement studio, 164 Scott St.

“It’s a total body workout, set to music with drums which is very therapeutic and you’re going to work your entire body,” Kulas said.

POUND is a unique group workout.

“You kind of get to let loose, scream and let out your emotions,” Faith Meloling, the other POUND instructor, said. “(and) have a great time with a bunch of awesome people.”

Over the past couple of years, POUND fitness has grown and become more and more popular in studios and workout circles.

Both Kulas and Meloling took POUND together in 2016, fell in love with it and decided to get certified to lead classes.

“There is an opportunity for everybody and every fitness level,” Kulas said.

According to both instructors, one thing is guaranteed after a POUND class.

“You should expect literally to feel every muscle sore (the next day),” Kulas said.

“You will feel sore, but you’ll love it,” Meloling said. “Any of the aggression throughout the day that you have pent up - all out on the floor.”

The POUND fitness class is one of about 50 classes that Higher Movement holds each week. The studio offers dance classes along with an array of fitness classes, including Zumba, hip hop dance and ballet. Classes are available for toddlers to adults.

“It’s a safe, comfortable and fun learning environment where we teach you to progress both in your personal life as well in your dancing and fitness,” said Kirby Shields, owner of Higher Movement.

Shields opened Higher Movement in 2015 and the studio has grown each year since, finishing with 12 students after the first year and now has almost 50 students.



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