Platt High School in Meriden presents ‘The Addams Family Musical’ this week

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MERIDEN — Platt High School’s theater program is performing “The Addams Family Musical” at 7 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased at and at the door. The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students.  

Ethan Warner, English and theater teacher, said that they chose “The Addams Family” because it was a musical that a lot of students would enjoy. 

“This seemed like an absolute perfect fit,” Warner said. “It was something that the kids had all heard of and had a lot of interest in, but didn’t necessarily already know the songs or the music or the story, but they knew the characters so it was a really good entryway for them.” 

Many of the students participating are new to the theater program. 

“A lot of kids, they didn’t know each other or they didn’t know our process here so we spent a lot of the early rehearsal process just getting to know each other, having some fun, having some laughs on stage,” Warner said. 

Warner said some of the characters are unique to the musical. 

“The kids get to really invent those characters, get to play with it, make up their own backstories, make up their own histories and personalities and so that type of freedom and play really helped with it,” Warner said. 

There are some new faces helping out behind the scenes as well.

“There was a lot of teaching the kids how to build sets and use the tools and different painting techniques and different stuff about lighting and props and sound that the kids didn’t know before, so they were all almost brand new to that,” Warner said. 

Masks will be available and people are welcome to wear them during the performance. Warner said some kids have been wearing masks during rehearsals, but will perform without masks. 

“There’s a lot of special effects makeup in this play that would’ve been lost with the masks on,” Warner said.

Students did help choreograph some of the dances in the musical, but Ricardo Valentin, band director, choreographed the tango number at the end of the show.  

“I was a ballroom dancer back in high school and a little bit in college,” Valentin said. “... I taught them basic tango before I started their choreography just so they got the feel of what ballroom dancing is because it’s very different from ballet or hip hop.” 

Valentin said he is excited to see the students perform. 

“I know they put a lot of work in it and they like performing so I think after finishing all these rehearsals, it will just be great seeing them having fun on stage and really getting into their characters and sharing it with the audience,” Valentin said.  

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