Police: Meriden case involving infant found frozen to death in 1988 still open

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MERIDEN — Police said the case involving the death of an infant in 1988 is still open as detectives work on some final pieces. Last month, police identified the mother that left the days-old infant in a South Meriden parking lot 32 years ago. 

Police interviewed the mother, Karen Kuzmak-Roche, on Jan. 2. She will not be charged with a crime, Police Chief Jeffry Cossette said on Jan. 14. Kuzmak-Roche was 25-years old when she abandoned the baby in the parking lot of AGC Inc., a machine shop on Evansville Avenue, near her home at the time on New Cheshire Road.

On Wednesday Sgt. Darrin McKay said the detectives “still have some last leg work to do” per the New Haven State Attorney’s Office and are working to complete it in a timely manner. McKay said the case is still deemed open and no further information can be released. 

The baby, who police named David Paul, was found frozen near a tree in the parking lot on Jan. 2, 1988, but had never been identified. Detective Lt. Steve Burstein and Detective Sgt. Shane Phillips met with Kuzmak-Roche and she admitted being the mother of the infant. Police confirmed the relationship through a positive DNA test from the state laboratory, Cossette said. 

Kuzmak-Roche told police she hid the pregnancy, told no one about it and never sought medical care following the delivery. She said she called the South Meriden Volunteer Fire Department on Dec. 28, 1987 to report there was “something” they needed to find in the AGC parking lot. 

Cossette confirmed the call did take place and crews responded to the area. There were two parking lots at the time and the baby was in a wooded area that was not visible from the street, he said. Kuzmak-Roche identified the father of the baby to police, and Cossette said detectives plan to speak with him. The father’s name has not been released.

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