Two Meriden students arrested after prop gun found during school lockdown

MERIDEN – Two juveniles were arrested Tuesday at Platt High School after the students posted a video online showing one of them brandishing what turned out to be a prop gun on school grounds. 

“The video had two students and one of the students had brandished what appeared to be a gun,” School Superintendent Mark Benigni said. “That’s what set us into motion today to put some safety precautions in place.”

A 15 and 16 year old male were taken into custody in the morning and will be charged with breach of peace. Their names were not released. 

Police responded to the school around 8:20 a.m. at the request of the administration. Platt was then immediately placed on lockdown.

According to police, the students in the video were in the school but had not reported to their first period class. 

Police searched the school, finding a group of students in the school auditorium as well as a prop gun. Police determined the prop gun was the weapon in the video posted by the two students on Snapchat.  

Benigni and Platt’s Principal Dan Corsetti said since the pandemic started the presence of school psychologists, counselors, and climate specialists have increased. Their role is to build a relationship with students. 

“We found out about this situation because a student reported it,” Corsetti said. “Because they trusted an adult, that was really the most important piece that set this into motion.” 

By 10 a.m., some students were released to parents. 

Tuesday’s situation raised questions about a recent incident where a student brought a taser to school.  

“A report was made to us that there was a student with (a taser) in the girls locker room,” Corsetti said. “We apprehended the girl, we apprehended the backpack. We contacted the parents immediately and the child was issued consequences.” 

Along with the two students arrested, the other students in the auditorium will be subject to internal discipline.  

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