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Student brings BB gun to elementary school in Meriden

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MERIDEN — Police responded Friday after a Nathan Hale Elementary School student brought a BB gun onto school premises, according to school officials. 

Nathan Hale Principal Eric Rank notified parents of the incident Friday, stating that another student reported to staff that a classmate had brought a gun to school.

“We immediately investigated this report and a BB gun was found in the student’s bookbag,” Rank stated in the notice. “We also reached out to the Meriden Police Department who met with the student and family. The safety of students and other members of the school community is and will always be our first priority.”

Rank praised the student who reported the incident for doing the right thing, and the Meriden Police for responding quickly. 

“We appreciate our partnership with our parents, staff and community, he wrote. “Together we continue to ensure our school is a safe place for all students and staff.”

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