Meriden spring water company sells portion of business to Nestlé

MERIDEN — A local spring water company recently sold the home and office delivery portion of its business to Nestle, but will continue to sell and bottle water from its east side facility. 

“We put out a very good product and we never missed any deliveries unless it was a blizzard,” said George Kuchle, owner of Triple Springs Spring Water Co., 199 Ives Ave. 

The company gets its name from the three springs located on the property. Founded in 1918 as a farm, the company transitioned to bottling and delivering milk and later to water bottling and delivery in the 1940s. Kuchle took over the business from his father, Rupert Kuchle, in 1974, expanding the company from local deliveries to servicing customers statewide and in New York and Long Island. 

“We expanded and modernized the business,” Kuchle said. “The spring water is high quality. It’s natural, free flowing.”

The delivery portion of the business was sold to Nestle in March. Kuchle declined to share the sale price.

“You know when it’s time,”  Kuchle said. “I have no one really to carry on the business following me and it was just a good time to sell.”

Nestle Waters North America spokeswoman Aly Sturm said ReadyRefresh, the subsidiary that will take over a portion of Triple Springs, is focused on customer satisfaction. 

“Triple Springs has been a long-standing, well-known service in central Connecticut, and we’re happy to be welcoming their customers into our ReadyRefresh family and bring them a variety of delicious and refreshing beverage options,” Sturm said. 

The sale means customers previously receiving deliveries from Triple Springs will now be receiving water from Nestle, Kuchle said. Customers can still purchase water from Triple Springs through the company’s onsite vending machine 24/7. 

“We’re just stopping the delivering part of the business.” Kuchle said. “We’re going to continue bottling.”

As for the future, Kuchle, who described himself as “well past” retirement age, has no imminent plans to retire. 

“We’ll just take one step at a time,” Kuchle said.

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