Meriden couple creates cozy business plan

Meriden couple creates cozy business plan

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MERIDEN — Two local businesses, Rolie’s Auto Sales and Irish Fox Creations, have opened in the same building on Hanover Avenue.

The owners, Rolie Hall and Ashlee MacDonald, have been a couple for the past six years and when they learned the building was for sale, thought it was the right time to move both businesses. 

“I had the dealership for 13 years on the other side of Meriden and then I was tired of paying rent, saw the building come up for sale and purchased the building,” Hall said. “We’ve (Hall and MacDonald) been together for six years, so we had the opportunity to put the store over there.” 

Hall and MacDonald bought the building at 1440 Hanover Ave. in December 2018. Irish Fox Creations was previously an online story only, but MacDonald decided to open up a shop and is hoping to draw more walk-in customers.

“We are trying to get some more signs to put outside,” MacDonald said. “I’d love to get people to come in.”

The couple often help each other with their respective businesses.

“I go to the DMV to register the cars,” MacDonald said. “We go out and pick out cars together. I answer the phone.”

Hall and MacDonald wanted to keep the stores in Meriden partly to give back to their community.

“I have three properties, three houses in Meriden and South Meriden and this building,” Hall said.  “We try to keep things in Meriden trying to do it right. … We are trying to keep everything in Meriden. Preferably South Meriden, you know to do something for our community, whatever we can do for the people around here.”

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