Victim in Meriden shooting remains in critical condition

Victim in Meriden shooting remains in critical condition

MERIDEN — A man remained in critical condition Tuesday following a double shooting the previous day on Grove Street.

As of Tuesday night, no arrests had been made.

Two men in their late teens or early 20s were shot in the area of 190 Grove St. around 4:45 p.m., with one suffering life-threatening injuries. The man with the more serious injuries was still in critical condition, Sgt. Christopher Fry said.

A third man, who was not shot, tried to drive the injured men to MidState Medical Center on Lewis Avenue but apparently got lost and ended up on Kensington Avenue. Officers provided initial medical treatment on Kensington Avenue, including a tourniquet, and took the victims to MidState, police spokesman Lt. John Mennone said. The victim who sustained life-threatening injuries underwent surgery, and the second victim was treated and released, according to Mennone. Police did not provide names of the victims.

Police said they received multiple 911 calls about the incident. In one, the caller says “shooting on Grove Street, shooting on Grove Street” and said a car picked up the victim.

“Two kids ran away down onto Foster, going towards the Boys Club,” the caller said before giving a brief description of one wearing a hooded sweatshirt. “The party with the gun, the two guys with the gun they went down toward the Boys Club. On foot, on foot, on foot.”

In another, a witness describes the shooting and aftermath.

“These two dudes just shot this kid but (the victim) just jumped in another car. Right around the corner from the police station,” the caller said.

Based on information provided by a witness, police believe the suspects fled to a house on Washington Street, Mennone said. Officers secured the residence and questioned individuals inside. According to police reports, the suspects were described as two men in their early 20s, with one man wearing a gray sweatshirt and khakis and the second wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. The weapon was described as a semi-automatic, small caliber firearm in police reports.

“At this time we have determined that this was not a random act of violence and that the parties were known to each other,” Mennone said.

Anthony Pellegrino, who owns Mr. Bentley’s Cafe at 190 Grove St., said the business is closed Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Pellegrino said after people heard about the shooting he received numerous calls and messages asking if he was OK.

Pellegrino said he appreciates all the work the officers do patrolling the area and checking in with him on a regular basis. He also praised the city’s efforts to revamp the downtown area.

“We support Meriden and we support our Police Department,” Pellegrino said Tuesday about the business owners in the area. “We definitely don’t want the violence in Meriden.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Eric Simonson at 203-630-6296.
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