Wilcox Tech community chooses Wildcats as new mascot

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MERIDEN — And the winner is ... the Wildcats! Following an open survey, the H.C. Wilcox Technical High School community has chosen its new mascot, which will replace the former Native American mascot. 

“For most of the survey window Wolves were in the lead, second was the Woodchucks,” Principal Stacey Butkus said while announcing the winner. “And Wildcats was third. So at the last minute they pulled through. So we will be the Wilcox Tech Wildcats.”

Butkus said they will keep blue and yellow as the school colors and the graphics students will work to design the mascot and logo. Once several designs are chosen from the graphics department, the school community will make the final vote for the logo and mascot design.

Wilcox Tech’s previous nickname was the Indians. The process of choosing a new mascot began in the summer of 2020 after state lawmakers included a provision in the state budget implementer to withhold local aid from tribal gaming revenues from schools with Native American mascots. The bill did not list the CT Tech System as a recipient of gaming revenues. But officials decided the time had come for a new nickname and mascot.

A short list of six candidates, Wildcats, Wolves, Woodchucks, Whalers, Lightning and Trailblazers, was put out for a vote earlier this month. Butkus announced Monday night at a community forum that 2,449 votes were received. Just over 900 of the votes were for the Wildcats.

Athletic Director Steve Wodarski said the sports teams have been wearing either uniforms that still have feathers on them or they have some with just the school letters. He said due to budget reasons they will go forward with the uniforms they have until they get the ones with the new mascot.

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