City of Meriden seeks more money to build golf course banquet hall

City of Meriden seeks more money to build golf course banquet hall

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MERIDEN — The city is asking for additional money to construct a banquet hall facility at Hunter Golf Course. 

The City Council authorized bonding $875,000 for the project earlier this year, and the city is now asking the council to approve an additional $125,000, according to an agenda released Friday afternoon for Monday’s regular council meeting. 

The city put out a request-for-proposals for the project last month and only one company, LaRosa Building Group, submitted a bid.

LaRosa submitted a proposal that exceeded the city’s $875,000 budget, so the city has been working with the company to “make significant deletions” to lower the cost, according to a council resolution. Even with the changes, the project is expected to exceed the $875,000 previously authorized, the resolution stated. 

The new banquet facility will replace a temporary tent structure, set up next to Violi's Restaurant, currently used to host golf tournaments and other events.

At the time the initial bonding request was approved earlier this year, city officials said the project was expected to pay for itself over the life of the 20-year bond through increased rent payments and additional revenue brought in from more golf tournaments held as a result of the new facility. The city also plans to use a $406,000 state grant for construction.
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