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Meriden Superior Court

Meriden Superior Court


MERIDEN — Cases disposed of in Meriden Superior Court with judges Gerald L. Harmon, Jane Grossman and Thomas O’Keefe Jr. presiding:

Jan. 22

Michael Borelli, 39, 14 Riverside Drive, Branford, fifth-degree larceny, unconditional discharge.

Jason Daniels, 31, 900 Highland Ave., Cheshire, possession of controlled substance, nolle; unauthorized conveyance of items into a correctional institution, one year suspended, 90 days, one day conditional discharge.

Jonathan Romero-Diaz, 37, 415 Hillside Ave., Hartford, speeding, $150 fine.

Brad Watson, 27, 24 White Oak Road, Farmington, speeding, $150 fine; failure to have license, $50 fine.

Anthony Zavaglia Jr., 32, 88 Spring St., violation of probation, probation terminated.

Anthony Zavaglia Jr., 32, 88 Spring St., third-degree criminal trespass, nolle; sixth-degree larceny, unconditional discharge; second-degree failure to appear, unconditional discharge.

Anthony Zavaglia Jr., 32, 88 Spring St., second-degree harassment, unconditional discharge; first-degrees failure to appear, one year suspended, seven months, one day conditional discharge.

Jan. 23

Arthur Buzzell, 48, 156 October Lane, Plantsville, operating under suspension, one year suspended, 30 days, 18 months probation, $500 fine.

Arthur Buzzell, 48, 121 Thunderbird Drive, Southington, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, six months suspended, two days, 18 months probation; operating under suspension, nolle.

Joseph Hernandez, 53, 687 Hartford Turnpike Road, Hamden, disorderly conduct, 90 days suspended, one year conditional discharge.

Shigla Juan Illiachi, 30, 28 Derby St., New Britain, operating under suspension, 90 days suspended, one year conditional discharge; operating unregistered motor vehicle, $50 fine; operating without insurance, $50 fine.

Benjamin Jenkins, 25, 559 Sherman Parkway, New Haven, operating without insurance, $100 fine; failure to stop and show, $75 fine.

Jessica Kimball, 39, 26 Carter Ave., use of drug paraphernalia, nolle; interfering with police, unconditional discharge; tampering with physical evidence, nolle; simple trespass, nolle.

Vanessa Lugo, 27, 336 Smith Ave., New Haven, defective windshield, nolle; operating unregistered motor vehicle, $50 fine; operating without insurance, nolle.

Stevie Lynn Pickle, 30, 127 Lounsbury St., Waterbury, failure to appear, one year suspended, four days, one day conditional discharge; failure to have license, $50 fine; speeding, $50.

Daeshanae Portis, 28, 218 Laurel St., Hartford, second-degree criminal mischief, one year suspended, two years probation.

Mariah Sparks, 24, 89 Coleman St., West Haven, conspiracy to commit second-degree larceny, three years suspended, two years probation; second-degree larceny, nolle; second-degree reckless endangerment, nolle.

Alexcia Danae Thomas, 25, 64 Shultas Place, Hartford, prostitution, six months suspended, one year conditional discharge; second-degree failure to appear, nolle.

Jan. 24

Wilson Echavarria-Mercado, 34, 126 Willow St., third-degree robbery, 15 months to serve.

Robert Holley, 39, 250 E. Main St., third-degree assault, unconditional discharge; disorderly conduct, nolle; interfering with police, nolle; violation of protective order, three years suspended, 18 months, three years conditional discharge.

Alysha Pulisciano, 36, 3 Laurel Park, Wallingford, third-degree forgery, unconditional discharge; second-degree failure to appear, one year suspended, two years conditional discharge; operating unregistered motor vehicle, nolle; operating without insurance, nolle; improper use of marker or license, nolle.

Christina Salgueiro, 28, 63 E. High Top Circle, Hamden, second-degree burglary, five year suspended, two years probation; risk of injury to child, nolle; second-degree breach of peace, nolle; assault on public safety officer, five years suspended, two years probation; third-degree criminal mischief, nolle; two counts assault on public safety officer, nolle; second-degree threatening, nolle. 

Elizabeth Smoly, 34, 531 Whalley Ave., New Haven, conspiracy to commit sixth-degree larceny, 90 days suspended, one year conditional discharge.

Odyssey Williams, 26, 166 Kensington St., Hartford, third-degree larceny by ongoing scheme, three years suspended, 90 days, two years probation; sixth-degree larceny, 90 days to serve; illegal possession of shoplifting device, nolle; reckless driving, nolle; operating under suspension, nolle. 

Tydiasha Williams, 22, 35 W. Read St., New Haven, possession of marijuana, $150 fine; improper use of marker or license, nolle.