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Meriden property transfers: March 20-24, 2023

Meriden property transfers: March 20-24, 2023


MERIDEN — These are the latest property transfers reported between March 20 and March 24:

Thomas J Wronski & Rebecca L Wronski to Daniel Dietz & Kellie Comer, 5 Sunny Lane, $340,000.

Legacy Mtg Asset T 2020-G to Diego F Zambrano & Diana G Jimpkit, 433 Gracey Avenue, $227,700.

69 Springdale LLC to Eagle One Mgmt LLC, 8 Jackson Street, $325,000.

Huckleberry Hill LLC to Michael Pascarelli, 70 Applewood Drive, $240,000.

Patricia Dillon to Jaclin M Myerson, 63 Webb Street #9, $140,000.

Louis D Rolley to Strathmore Invests LLC, 80 Baldwin Street, $165,000.

Casey Steven M Est & Steven M Casey to Piotr Kluba, 560 Yale Avenue #204, $170,000.

Michael F Skoczylas & Judith H Skoczylas to Ivan Garcia, 74 Madison Avenue Ext, $140,000.

Edward A Nevarez to Paul C Sheldon, 123 Fowler Avenue Ext, $255,000.

Kensington Avenue LLC to Bianca I Ruiz-Villanueva, 186 Kensington Avenue, $235,000.

David York & Katherine York to Amanda E Sparks, 290 Bradley Avenue, $280,000.

Hughes Cynthia F Est & Mark Hughes to Steven Diaz, 146 Hamilton Street, $227,000.

Prime Homes Of Ct LLC to Rafael G Beato & Wagner T Pena, 70 Cottage Street, $255,000.

Ryan P Hogan to Christopher Marion, 58 Button Street, $353,500.

920 West Main Street LLC to Jennifer Higgins & Meaghan Mcclain-Higgins, 920 W Main Street, $277,000.

Darcey Dawn Est & Robert J Kotrys to Stephen Cornell, 73 Douglas Drive, $140,000.