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Meriden Property Transfers: March 27-31

Meriden Property Transfers: March 27-31


MERIDEN — These are the latest property transfers reported between March 27-31:

Lynval Evans & Delorna Evans to Maria Weselyj, 861 S Curtis Street, $259,900.

S&Y Prop Rentals & Construction to Yifan Wang, 45 S 2nd Street, $270,000.

Genaro Carrero to Akron Mr LLC, 15 Akron Street, $145,000.

Elaine Ruszczyk to Lakeview Loan Svcings LLC, 176 Jepson Lane, $166,250.

Fnma to Alejandro Rayas & Mercedes Rayas, 119 Sunset Avenue, $260,000.

Jason Walker to Marisol T Lopez, 20 Guiel Pl #4, $175,000.

Frankie Suarez to Idaho H&Finance Assn, 15 Highland Avenue, $224,835.

Kubeck Michael E Est & Barbara A Kuback to Joshua Greene, 212 Glen Hills Road, $142,500.

Nick Mango Jr Irt & Susan Spence to Jonathan Logodicio, 68 Kim Lane, $366,000.

Catherine L Ramsey & Samad Mickens to Brenda A Aquino & Estervina Aquino, 192 Lydale Place, $415,000.

Brothers Inv LLC to Jessenia L Lopez & Christina Lopez, 1367 Old North Colony Road, $285,000.

Caitlin Horbacewicz to Quaker Capital LLC, 123 Cornerrigan Avenue, $150,000.

Thomas Ruggiero to Marie Boucher & Stephanie Boucher, 812 Blackstone Village #812, $140,000.