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Meriden Property Transfers: May 22-26

Meriden Property Transfers: May 22-26



MERIDEN — These are the latest property transfers reported between May 22 and May 26:

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Edward Beardsley & Jennifer Beardsley, 103 Deer Run Road, $215,000.

Lynval Evans & Delorna Evans to Sheila A Turner, 193 Natchaug Drive #193, $224,000.

Damm Theodore J Est & Kenneth F Secol to Steven V Gonzalez, 382 Cook Avenue, $200,000.

Mehtab S Nandha & Rani Kaur to Dereyk N Grant, 262 Streeterling Village #262, $130,000.

Donna M Tillbrook to Miguel A Reyes, 239 Maple Avenue, $315,000.

Jessica A Behan & Shannon L Godbout to Latoiya Taylor, 54 Hitchcock Drive, $250,000.

Barbara M Bradbury to Sound Restorations LLC, 37 Lanouette Street, $35,000.

Ryan Andrews & Lisa Dishaw to Umesh Gauli, 1190 N Colony Road, $390,000.

Hiram Gonzalez to Richard A Brissett, 116 Hobart Street, $340,000.

Charles J Borchett to Mara H Silva & Benjamin E Nnko, 45 Dove Drive, $265,000.