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Meriden Property Transfers: March 6-March 10, 2023

Meriden Property Transfers: March 6-March 10, 2023


MERIDEN — These are the latest reported property transfers reported between March 6 and March 10:

Nader Saleh to Sana Fitness LLC, 17 S 2nd Street, $150,000.

Shalom Elmkies to Ryan Francis, 43 Welles Ter, $269,900.

Reilly Beverly H Est & Koren Lacoske to Cheryl Blais & Willias Blais, 448 Yale Avenue, $220,000.

Peter Giordano to Taylor Rynn, 228 Spring Street, $228,000.

Kara Colaccino to Wendy Ruiz-Infante, 39 Woodland Roadg #39, $190,000.

Shabum Properties LLC to Webb Street LLC, 7 Webb Street, $1,050,000.

John G Church to Michael J Heusser, 175 Preston Drive, $305,000.

Richard Marsha to Anthony W Carter, 516 Blackstone Village #516, $72,000.

David Martinez & Sandra L Martinez to Sean Phostole, 142 Old Streetagecoach Road, $260,000.

Michael D Remillard & Rochelle L Remillard to Leo F James & Lovanda A Brown, 28 Hayes Street, $307,000.

James R Vega to Manuel A Casanova-Rivera, 33 Howe Street, $220,000.

Dylan T Cruz & Sarah R Cruz to Lilybeth Suarez, 98 Race Brook Road, $295,000.

Home Buying Solutions LLC to Brenda Valentin, 14 Center Street, $197,000.