The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 15 — 22.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 15 – 22.

Piotr Rusek and Bozena Rusek to Califtton Robinson and Alteha Robinson, 500 Swain Ave., $310,000.

Patrick Canning to Oval Enterprise LLC, 41 Pine Tree Road, $154,500.

Joyce E. Hutchins to Samantha Soufrine, 21 Hayes St., $40,000.

Janice A. Abella to Ian Porter, 72 Bradley Ave., $194,000.

Jonathnna M. Frederick to Dennisha Jackson, 248 Murray St., $270,000.

Shelly A. Perrotti to Sarah Parisi, 146 Charles St., $210,000.

Jerry Chaparro and Evelyn Chaparro to Felicity Property Grp LLC, 60 Woodland St., $177,500.

John A. Bottino and Paul B. Bottino to Kendra Raguckas and Robert Raguckas, 71 Metacomet Drive Unit 71, $195,000.

Shanno L. Boni to Oatrina Medina, 56 Payne Place, $245,000.

Susan L. Reale to Benjamon Martinez, 180 Maple Ave., $311,975.

Carissa Rindfleisch to Ronald Turcotte, 17 Laurel Hts, $175,000.

Joseph Rios to Chinua M. Gray and Christopher Gray, 99 Oak St., $203,000.

Raymond Taupier to Steven Nations, 497 Parker Ave., S, $290,000.

USA HUD to Jermale Foster, 12 Schooner Lane, $220,000.

Daniel L. Lapila and Marisel Lapila to Tyron David, 284 Tumblebrook Road, $330,000.

Sandra C. Beckstein and Arthur W. Beckstein to Ann M. Laria and Vincent J. Laraia, 148 Dana Lane, $249,900.

Frankie Rosa to Bereniz C. Luna, 239 Knob Hill Road, $268,000.

Doreen Marinaro to Kiara Gonzalez, 108 Pettit Drive, $280,000.

Daniel Slopak to Jose Lopez and Gisela Cruz, 200 Britannia St., $220,000.

Daniel W. Hauser and Kaitlin S. Hauser to Kimmy Gomez, 560 Yale Ave., Unit 246, $155,000.

Ralph Dabrowski and Catherine Martinez to RVMW Properties LLC, 25 Silver St., $103,000.

Christopher M. Ochman and Michelle M. Leger to Nicole Wright, 50 Meetinghouse Village Unit 4, $150,000.

Antoni Lebiedz to Treyvon Briggs, 113 Yale Ave., $32,250.


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