The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 22 — 29.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 22 – 29.

Kenneth W. Lowell and Sherri E. Lowell to Karen Dixon and Stephen Dixon, 25 Suzy Court, $547,500.

Grace Y. Kiu-Tong and Cheuk Fai Ho to Ziue Feng, 190 Broad St., $150,000.

Adam M. Bisi to Brayan Moterroso and Jesenia I. Monterroso, 67 Lori Lane, $275,000.

Albert J. Seriani to Elizabeth Sanchez, 58 Marshall Road, $165,000.

Cameron C. Quinonez to Star Realty LLC, 6 Springdale Ave., $82,500.

Jasmee Kaur to April E. Bynum, 8-10 Broad St. Unit 82, $117,500.

Rebecca Harmon to Louis E. Michael-Ciaccio and Alyss Ayeager, 47 Westview Drive, $205,000.

USA HUD to Miheaye Awuve, 55 Castle Drive, $239,575.

Supreme Asset Management to Lenona Laureano and William Lauureano, 192 Bunker Ave., $171,000.

James Shanahan and Kathryn Shanahan to 969 Elm LLC, 252 Dexter Ave., $265,000.

Gary Turenne to V Welsh-Stephenson and John Stephenson, 186 Carpenter Ave., $280,000.

James T. Feeman to Danika Fordham, 265 Glen Hills Road, $165,000.

Francis D. Gray and Frances M. Gray to Jason Munroe, 155 Westfield Road, $169,900.

Kent R. Peterson to Shirley Tapper, 167 Converse Ave., $200,000.

Denise Candelaria to Linette Cuadros, 141 Murray St., $160,000.

Katherine Ferrari and Anthony Astorino to Misterlina Hearnandez and Miguel J. Hernandez-Perez, 60 Knob Hill Road, $275,000.

Bibi Faragnaaz-Mahadeo and Terence Dwaynthomas to Marek Mroziweski, 131 Spring St., $210,000.

BD Asset Co 2 LLC to Carlos Mcoette, 136 S Colony St., $265,000.

Elizabeth Roman to 120 Wilcox LLC, 120 Wilcox Ave., $282,000.

Thomas N. Patierno to Jose Pamaquiza, 142 Mount Pleasant St., $97,000.

David James and Jane E. James to Robert M. Negrin and Jeksksey A.. Freeman, 11 Carl St., $205,100.

Brian Sullivan to Jerome Alexander, 228 Grove St., $150,000.

Marlon S. Chang and Marisol C. Chang to Shaunakay Elbert, 12 Columbus Ave., $205,000.

Clifford Grabowski to Djuana Manick and Shirell Manick, 74 Sylvan Ave., $240,000.

Jamari Mckenzie to Jorge Trejo-Cruz and Yazmin Zuniga, 49 Grant St., $215,000.

Eileen Bonaiuto and Christopher Bonaiuto to Cindy M. Bonilla, 44 Hillcrest Ave., $225,000.


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