The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 29 — Nov. 5.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 29 – Nov. 5.

Lynn R. Crisci to Maxine M. Foy, 8 Village View Terrace Unit 8, $163,000.

Nicholas Romano to William J. Passarelli and Melissa E. Neville, 64 Wilson Ave., $24,200.

Glen T. Gitterman and Linda S. Gitterman to Clifford A. Ramirez and Jessica A. Ramirez, 169 Dexter Ave., $255,500.

Katia I. Caldas to Jennifer Escamilla and Francisco Escamilla, 136 Murray St., $240,000.

Steve Cola to Easy Kimousine LLC, 675 Old Colony Road, $70,000.

Kaitlyn Houde to Elizabeth Zielinski, 219 S Broad St., Unit N219, $75,000.

Lindsay P. Taylor to Christopher D. Candelario and Kiah Kevin, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 69, $166,000.

Richard Santiago to Judy Denny, 49 Andrews St., $255,000.

Christopher J. Stopa and Patricia A. Stopa to Jazmin Delgado, 61 Dogwood Lane, $255,000.

David Arvelo to Harold Claudio, 802 Bee St., $230,000.

Erin M. Innis to Gabriella E. Edwards, 14 Fairmount Ave., $196,000.

Yolanda B. Williams to Eclipse Investments LLC, 50 Sylvan Ave., $220,000.

Keon Johnnie to Eduardo T Quinones, 55 Liberty St., $259,000.

Allan H. Soltesz and Mary B. Soltesz to Jessica Oritz and Alez Ortiz, 20 Ivy Drive, $275,000.

Jesus Perez and Beatriz Zavala to Charles J. Jackson, 9 Sylvan Valley Road, $290,000.

Jeffrey F. Lane to Eagle 1 Management LLC, 52 Pleasant St., $160,000.

Jesenia Gonzalez to Lourdes Graham and Jody Reate, 147 Atkins St., $285,000.

Asif Jaferi to Jose A. Antonetti and Cece Fuentes-Antonetti, 16 Pine St., $150,000.

Kenneth R. Plante to Carmen I. Ortiz, 23 Jefferson St., $298,000.

Agnes P. Urquhart and Ronald T. Urquhart to Jean Iavarona and Andrew Harduby, 58 Woodland St., $170,000.

Amanda P. Yeomans and Chrsitooher S. Yeomans to Nicolas R. Romano and Elizabeth A. Romano, 184 Preston Drive, $355,000.

Todd A. White to Kevin Kearns, 198 Jepson Lane, $225,000.

Adel Hamedi to Kazi Ismail and Shirin Skter, 1075 N. Colony Road, $190,000.

Lucas T Joseph to Thomas Joseph, 35 Sylvan Ave., $204,000.

Roger M. Couture Est and Steven Couture to Allison Trejo, 407 Liberty St., $110,600.

Natividad Cruz to Samson Antoine, 24 North Ave., $165,000.

Carmore Properites LLC to Trez I. Rown, 39 Pine St., $149,000.

Nicole E. Deangelis to Nelson Colon, 159 Belvedere Drive, $242,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Blakes Inv Group LLC, 24 S. Third St., $117,000.

Charles A. Gardner to Alma Pita-Bravo and Tomas Rugerio-Ramirez, 35 Andrews St., $250,000.

Ann Mouta to Milton Ward, 47 Ridgeview Road, $279,900.


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