The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Nov. 24 — Dec. 3.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Nov. 24 – Dec. 3.

Jason D. Cicero and Deborah J. Cicero to James C. David and F C DeSouza-Salomao, 36 Mayfair Road, $240,000.

Diane L. Amantea to Leann Ryan, 807 Murdock Ave., $261,000.

Christopher R. Fell to Juanita Y. Lashley, 96 Oak St., $199,700.

Paul A. Wisniowski to Brian K. Freeman, 125 Kensington Ave., $90,000.

Nancy A. Wisniowski to Brian K. Freeman, 125 Kensington Ave., $90,000.

Brenda J. Wolcheski and Ronald J. Wolcheski to Michael R. Wolchrski, 235 Columbus Ave., $257,000.

Occor Properties LLC to Robii Abouchacra, 43 N. Spring St., $130,000.

US Bank NA to Munzer Elliby, 53 Briarwood Drive, $167,000.

Miriam Grimes to Brendalie Rivera, 25 Bellevue St., $239,900.

Dawn Hoydilla to KKP Design LLC, 263 Parker Ave., $162,000.

Alton J. Hepp to Roberto Morales, 70 Hawthorne Terrace, $276,000.

Juana Beriguete and Salvador Rosario to Javier A Nieves, 195 Scott St., $250,000.

Gary T. Turenne to Michael Christy, 172 Carpenter Ave., $290,000.

Rocar Venture Partnership to Robii Abouchacra, 39 N. Spring St., $130,000.

Santos M. Medina-Calderon to Evalys Andrade, 77 Orchard St., $269,900.

Laurie M. Shuckerow and Dennis J. Mudry to Patrick Boutin and Robin Boutin, 89 Harness Drive, $200,000.

Radolph Edwards to Danho Andoh, 71 Webster St., $292,000.

George J. Felix and Sohara S. Felix to Elba E. Diaz, 99 Old Streetagecoach Road, $220,000.

Lisette Caballero to Shuaib Abdul-Rahman, 15 Lucia Drive, $280,000.

Avrianna C. Bacchoicchi to David Pelaggi and Louise Carrozza, 27 Sorries Court, $235,000.

Marie E. Shortell and Toby Shortell to Lopa Pandya and Saurabh Puri, 47 Clinton St., $226,000.

Michelle Stocking to Lesly Ramirez and Miguel Ramirez, 362 Yale Ave., $268,000.

Marshall Mathew to Bobby Persaud, 32 Divot Drive, $225,000.

Lynn W. Civitelli to Austin Collis and Amber Collins, 47 Cricket Drive, $180,000.

Frank J. Molnar and Janet Molnar to Miguel Gaspar, 7 Hilltop Road, $200,000.

Jean Francklin-Policard to Brenton Mahoney, 165 Sherman Ave., $195,000.

Alexis Lebron-Martinez and Arleen Lebron to Cristian S. Uppal and Martha S. Villacis, 191 4th St., $210,000.

Edward A. Delima-Valverde to Jouleono I. Upshaw and Martha S. Villacis, 191 4th St., $250,000.

Susan M. Belcourt to Genesis N. Centeno, 91 Horton Ave., $185,000.

Andrew M. Zajac and Samanthna Solteaz to Floyd Sims and Monica Hollaway, 32 Cartpath Drive, $299,000.

Lona Danialan to Sid LLC, 437 Blackstone Village Unit 437, $70,000.


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