The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Dec. 3 — 23.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Dec. 3 – 23.

Jason S. Caligiore to Randall Gonzalez, 99 Debbie Drive, $555,000.

Pamela Cardona to Jose R. Jorge, 42 Flower St., $220,000.

Jose R. Peralta to Albert Barnes, 76 John George Drive, $365,000.

Angela Decusati to Jennifer Allen, 174 Woodland St., Unit 3, $170,000.

Rafael Gonzalez to Michael L. Lagace, 25 Mattabasset Drive Unit 25, $180,000.

Trusted Realty Inv LLC to Kiam D Rodriguez and Elaine Disla, 31 Carter Ave., $225,000.

613 LLC to Johnelle Haines, 90 View St., $270,000.

Jonathan Guillen to Luis B. Tenezaca-Vega and Rosa M. Gordillo, 607 N. Colony St., $244,500.

David M. Mozdziak to Cori S. Theriault and Deirdre T. Theriualt, 73 Sylvan Ave., $275,000.

Vista Associates LLC to Melissa Okolie, 169 Bunker Ave., $269,000.

Kenneth M. Crowell and Sandra E. Crowell to Michael D. Williams and Latashia C. Bittle, 240 Lydale Place, $375,000.

William Kokoszka and Eileen Kokoszka to Vincente M. Cendeno and Mayerlin Chalarca, 4 Montowese Drive, $355,000.

Lynn A. Bender and Geraldine M. Collins to Elva Steinmetz, 63 Harness Drive, $242,000.

Gilberto Rosario to Alexander Guzman and Damaris Guzman, 23 Eagle Court, $225,000.

David C. Ness to Alexis L. Martinez and Arlee Nlebron, 501 Paddock Ave., $235,000.

Yusef Chater to Cynthia Hyman, 105 Briarwood Drive, $300,000.

Jeffrey A. Mann and Donna S. White to Bethany Cote, 72 Sorries Court, $220,000.

Kensington Avenue LLC to Bryan Auriemme, 272 Kensington Ave., $220,000.

Heriberto Chaparro to Keyonna Crockett, 37 Falcon Lane, $237,000.

Henry M. Paski and Lauren M. Paski to Michelel Verlezza, 185 Scott St., $225,000.

Alexandre Porter to Danielle Amat, 39 N Meadow Lane, $365,000.

Brenda J. Vumbaco Est and Carol A. Vumbaco to Stafy L. Holamn, 397 Kensington Ave., $215,000.


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