The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Dec. 23 — 30 .

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Dec. 23 – 30.

Alexis Hernandez to Abel A. Mejia-Velez, 17 Foster St., $296,000.

August P. Miller to Laurie Axelrod, 260 Liberty St., $785,000.

Julio Pilco and Maria Morocho to MCMM LLC, 797 Broad St., $347,000.

Zand R. Properites LLC to Leatha Carney and Perris S. Ward, 111 Warren St., $200,000.

A Carusone Properites LLC to Diversified Mgtm Solt LLC, 115 Elm St., $355,000.

Jeffrey S. Mirabello to Tashaney Johnson, 127 Winthrop Terrace, $320,000.

Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Isaias Quintana, 30 Williams St., $175,000.

Steven J. Iovanna to Lamont Wright, 43 Linsley Ave., $175,000.

A Carusone Properites LLC to 44 Center St Holdings LLC, 23 Olive St., $140,000.

Ivette J. Hassan to Jovany Ayala and Hanan Hassan, 32 Hemlock Road, $195,000.

Simon Pepe Properites LLC to 404 Center St Hldg LLC, 60 Prospect St., $170,000.

Simon Pepe Properites LLC to 404 Center St Hldg LLC, 74 Hillside Ave., $130,000.

Phyllis Timm to Jesse C. Timm, 51 Shore Drive, $205,000.

Eric D. Mensah to Brothers Investmetn LLC, 281 Reservoir Ave., $300,000.

A Carusone Properites LLC to Lucas Joseph, 16 Mosher St., $183,000.

US Bank NA to Marilyn Vargas, 30 Maple Ave. Ext., $260,000.

Charlene Bodero to Humberto Ramirez and Maria Delcarmen-Ramirez, 20 N. Meadow Lane, $275,000.

James A. Vitelli to Kleber G. Marin and Maria L. Marin, 105 David Drive, $325,000.

James Petro to Charo Torres, 474 S Colony St., $170,000.

Michael R. Billings and Karen A. Billing to Carlos A. Ramirez-Ramirez, 179 Schwink Drive, $333,000.

John Sofiane to Christopher C. Fuschino and Pamela B. Fuschino, 417 Blackstone Village Unit 417, $100,000.

Michael J. Moran to Ebone Woods, 466 High Hill Road, $260,000.

JK3 LLC to Mahagany Bivens, 107 View St., $200,000.

Brittany L. Andrews to Turgay Kangal, 219 S Broad St. Unit S206, $145,000.

William J. Kulis to Donald J. Smith and Theodora M. Smith, 519 Gracey Ave., $270,000.

Kathie A. Ventura to David B. Kelly, 33 John George Drive, $345,000.

Dismeri Martinez to Florencio Huera, 18 Morgan St., $205,000.

Maria Chasse to Pamlea R. Cordona, 114 Fowler Ave. Ext., $232,000.

James G. Fahey and Andrea Batsu to Tricia Zawacki, 102 Mattabasset Drive Unit 102, $187,500.

A Carusone Properites LLC to 44 Center St Holdings LLC, 55 Reservoir Ave., $148,000.

Sara A. Lowe to Jeremy Lowe, 1046 W Main St., $205,000.

A Carusone Properites LLC to 43 Church LLC, 34 Sherman Place, $137,000.

Kelly A. Lewis to Daniel Hernandez, 50 Welles Terrace, $170,000.

Frederick A. Nadile and Robin Nadile to Matthew Nadile, 20 S. View St., $129,500.

A Carusone Properites LLC to Diversified Mgtm Solt LLC, 84 S 1st St., $385,000.

Catherine K. Martin to Michelle A. Buckley, 201 4th St., $210,000.

Gidlred Delgado to Jaosn E. Western, 98 Silver St., $256,000.

DNM Enterprises LLC to Caherine Owusu, 65 Arch St., $161,000.

A Carusone Properites LLC to 404 Center St Hldg LLC, 78 S. Colony St., $210,000.

Ronald J. Unghire to Robin T. Cassin and Theresa B. Cassin, 340 Hicks Ave., $138,000.

Enrique Carrero to Maria Britto and Aleia Jure, 30 North 1st St., $262,000.

Gregg S. Pizzi and John Pizzi to Avila LLC, 92 Twiss St., $120,000.

Erik R. Carlson and Elizabeth J. Carlson to Grodon S. Ives, 156 Murray St., $180,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to CR 3 Spo Holdings LLC, 95 Lambert Ave., $139,900.

Anthony Nieves to Rosa C Ramos, 249 Grove St., $225,000.

Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Eagle 1 Management LLC, 30 Bradley Ave., $130,000.

Kristi Figueroa to Lawrence Alexander and Wanda Alexander, 91 Race Brook Road, $225,000.

Robert Powell and Amie Powell to Joanthna Depino and Hannha Depino, 81 N. Pearl St., $235,000.

Georgina Pluta to Rebecca Ochsendorf, 167 Sunset Ave., $179,900.

Miriam Paredes to Matthew Daddio, 597 Hanover Road, $300,000.

Simon Pepe Properties LLC to 404 Center St Hldg LLC, 570 Broad St., $500,000.

Justin Martin to Alex Wolfe and Juliana Wolfe, 6 Walt Drive, $370,000.

Benny Ortiz and Vanesa Ortiz to Jysean Duncan and Lapriah Morrison, 34 Hidden Pines Circle, $369,000.

Jonathan M. Crouch and Vicki L. Crouch to Carmen J. Santana and Christopher A. Montero, 199 E. Woodland St. Unit 202, $140,000.

Ai M Lin to Joa Wang, 827 Blackstone Village Unit 827, $50,000.

Janett R. White to Nakina V. Henry, 58 Leonard St. Unit 504, $260,000.

Melissa Reznitsky to Sharlene Y. King, 80 Meetinghouse Road, $230,111.


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