Meriden Property Transfers from Nov. 18 — 30.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Nov. 18 – 30.

Dogwood Estates Holdings to Asa Paradis, 1655 N. Colony Road Unit 23, $165,000.

Julian J. Pearsall and Johanna Gray to Md M. Rahman and Suraia Yasmin, 1655 N. Colony Road Unit 29, $160,000.

George V. John and Cindy Chica to Riley Jackson, 57 Buckingham St., $275,000.

Virginia Q. Price to Kevin Delgado, 71 N. Pearl St., $280,000.

Felicity Property Group to Juan Guaman, 60 Woodland St., $370,000.

Caldwell Consulting Firm to Reinaldo Santiago and Juliann Estronza, 134 Baldwin St., $272,500.

Jaime L. Mcbath to Cindy L. Porter, 58 Woodley Court Unit 9, $113,000.

Richard Simoneau and Andrea M. Simoneau to Justin R. Simoneau, 40 Prospect Ave., $250,000.

Andrew Cappalla to Tiwanda S. White, 640 Baldwin Ave., $400,000.

Lynn A. Motemurro and David W. Sharron to Jeffrey R. Baral, 46 Stephen Drive, $338,000.

East Main Partners LLC to Zand R Properties LLC, 19 Swain Ave., $195,000.

Federal Hill Management to 1079 Broad Street LLC, 1079 Broad St., $480,000.

Decardo Owen to Jessica L. Patino, 16 Hickory St., $225,000.

Ann T. Pantelpne Est and Robert .F Pantelone to Felix Guillermo and Angela Navarro-Garabito, 110 Knob Hill Road, $323,000.

David T. Swedock to Nelson F. Viera, 215 Elm St., $270,000.

Dana G. Mcnally to Janae Spinato and Melissa Rivera, 30 Rose Circle, $255,000.

Glen A. Barstow and Cyrstal A. Barstow to TCS Home Group LLC, 70 Randolph Ave., $75,000.

Jan Wiejkuc and Joell Weijkuc to Daiana Gonzalez, 55 Warren St., $177,000.

Sara Jenkins to Candace Walter, 882 N. Colony Road Unit 26, $195,000.

Kimberly M. Bailey and Christopher J. Anderson to Brian Surovy, 245 E. Woodland St. Unit 27, $180,000.

Carmen Perrault to Mario E. Jara-Salinas, 101 Linsley Ave., $265,000.

Mosiur Rahman to Ligny Rivera, 1443 Hanover Ave., $250,000.

Hilda M. Ceradioli to William Senna and Rachael Normandy, 152 Lydale Place, $274,550.

Cesar Gonzalez to Wajiha Chaudhry, 151 Stevenson Road, $309,000.

Sandra M. Conway to Charmaine Edmondson and Courtney J. Edmondson, 161 Converse Ave., $280,000.

Juma LLC to Brittany M. Young, 104 Gale Ave., $210,000.

Marvin E. Richards and Connie J. Richards to Ivelisse Roque and Jorge A. Maldonado, 35 Robin Hill Road, $310,000.


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