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Meriden Property Transfers from Dec. 30 – Jan. 6.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Dec. 30 – Jan. 6.

Helene Santana to Brittany A. Sauers, 103 Victoria Drive, $250,000.

Craig J. Lumbra and April Lumbra to Cecil T. Bost, 54 Peacock Drive, $235,000.

Michael G. Pierce Est and Arline Conroy to Donald G. Taylor, 65 Guerney Ave., $139,900.

Donald M. Twenty-Five RET and Kathleen Larkin to Janet S. Tragianese and Peter J. Corcoran, 80 Stephen Drive, $325,000.

Sunshine Homes LLC to Rosemarie Richetelli, 80 Park Ave., $265,000.

Tara Dempsey to Connor J. Davis, 26 Roseland Ave., $309,000.

George S. Chaosky to Radha Krishna 1 LLC, 954 Broad St., $1,000,000.

Rand S Props LLC to Ovil Figueroa, 141 Bunker Ave., $175,000.

Ramona Vazquez to Jaqwan Kelly and Jacob Kelly, 18 Hobart St., $240,000.

Elizabeth C. Wieloch Est and Philip T. Wieloch to Elisabeth Hayward, 61 New Cheshire Road, $199,900.


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