The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 8 — Oct. 22.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Oct. 8 — Oct. 22.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Oct. 8 – 22.

Rashesh B. Patel to Ransford Larbi and Adwoa B. Larbi, 1167 N. Colony Road, $260,000.

James P. Conklin to Kevin Hynes and Camaryn Hynes, 154 Cutlery Ave., $220,000.

Matthew Mierzejewski and Jenni Mierzejewski to Frederick I. Wilson and Lynn M. Wilson, 150 Evergreen Lane, $222,000.

Nicholas J. Culver and Brittany A. Culver to Michael N. Kamens and Sarah N. Kamens, 34 Finch Ave., $255,000.

Allstates Property Group to Jun Zhang and Henry H. Zhang, 48 Lewis Ave., $187,000.

Eleanore Tamburri-Barnes and Jacqueline Zder to Devon A. Dzicek, 14 Holly Lane, $125,000.

Ada Vega and Gedulio V. Maldonado to Robii R. Aobouchacra, 153 Lewis Ave., $170,000.

USA HUD to Westwood Acres LLC, 253 Spring St., $77,500.

Susan L. Pranulis to Carrie A. Wojtunik, 61 Applewood Drive, $173,900.

KKP Design LLC to Robert Ellis and Susan M. Ellis, 113 Hamilton St., $212,000.

Kevin Zabrensky to Sabrina M. Fonteyn and Stephen Sgambatti, 12 Russell Road, $200,000.

Albert J. Marino and Lindsay J. Deveglia to Patricia G. Tkacz, 90 Hillside Ave., $179,900.

Christopher A. Lemere to Lizbeth Colon, 199 Glen Hills Road, $172,400,

Robert B. Madeux to Gaspar Valentin and Consuela E. Ellison, 418 Main St., $170,500,

Jennifer A. Paradis and Jennifer L. Succi to Brian Derosier, 60 Sidney Ave., $214,200.

Vincent R. Gucwa and Joseph J. Gucwa to Michael Bathrick and Mary Bathrick, 32 Davis St., $142,000.

Inland Properties LLC to Liset Vargas and Javier Puente-Henderson, 385 Crown St., $190,000.

Diane G. Herget and Charles R. Herget to Bryan Peruti, 6 Scott St., $124,000.

Eileen F. Baird and Robert D. Baird to Jennifer Roman, 194 Olive St., $112,000.

Lawrence M. McGoldrick to Jeffrey M. Songhurst and Nancy S. Songhurst, 11 Mattabasset Drive, $170,000.

John J. Maier and Sandra M. Schede to Primitivo M. Herrera, 233 Reservoir Ave., $172,000.

Jack L. Coursey FT and Donna C. Coursey to Roseann Fusco, 105 Elmwood Drive, $184,000.

Rose A. Menichetti RET and Rose A. Menichetti to Brian Coon and Melissa Coon, 47 Fiesta Heights, $219,000.

Howard McFadzen to Lisa Hayes, 77 Crown St. Ext., $187,500.

George C. Musgrave to Christine E. Musgrave, 114 Midland Drive, $184,000.

Frank S. Olszewski Jr., to Marion Favia, 137 Gale Ave., $145,000.

FHLM to Elvin Hernandez, 15 Crescent St., $80,000.

US Bank NA Tr to Richard Napoli, 14 Applewood Drive, $105,000.

Edward Case to Neil OBrien, 96 Douglas Drive, $149,900.

Jason A. Grant to Jose J. Gonzalez, 21 Himan St., $94,000.

Susan R. Neilan and David C. Ritchie to Gerald D. Lovelace and Carly M. Lovelace, 19 Runge Drive, $185,000.

Eroidlo Nieves to Jessica Torres- Nieves, 532 Pomeroy Ave., $77,528.

Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Fernando Cazares-Fernando, 195 Columbus Ave., $85,975.

Quest Holdings LLC to Pleasant Meriden LLC, 68 Pleasant St., $400,000.

Mark Plasse and Gina Plasse to Sophia Pratt, 22 Prince St., $85,500. 

USA HUD to Rupal LLC, 1655 N. Colony Road, Unit 6007, Lakeridge Condo, $59,000.

Edgar Bonilla to Maryann E. Houde, 1001 Old Colony Road, Unit 2-2, $105,000.


Robert L. Ennie to Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 59 Hollis Drive, $94,197.

Wallace E. Wasielak and Antoninetta M. Waskielak to Jason P. Michaud, 105 Overlook Road, Unit A5, $92,000.