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Meriden Property Transfers: July 21 — 28

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from July 21 – 28.

Thomas J. Balcher Est and Paul E. Whitatker to David Mozdziak, 47 Dogwood Lane, $200,000.

Jin Y. Tian and San F. Kwok to Reazul Hossain, 58 Dee Ave., $300,000.

Jessica Rivera to Miguel Chavarria-Lezama, 61 N. Pearl St., $250,000.

Md S. Islam to Kimberly Pena, 4 South Road Unit 8, $90,000.

Martin D. Hamilton and Gina Hamilton to Christopher M. Robinson and Katharine C. Robinson, 203 Eaton Ave., $416,000.

Raymond V. Rutledge to Vincent D. Pryce, 100 Lowe Ave., $351,000.

George A. Pires and Ashley D. Pires to Kimberly J. Bamford and Dennis K. Duane, 9 Fiesta Hts, $290,000.

Jeffrey F. Herget and Susan M. Herget to Harvyn Valentin and Hillary Valentin, 117 Sandy Lane, $465,000.

Bladyl Properties LLC to Gerardo Mejias and Nnacy Mejias, 57 Woodley Court Unit 28, $235,000.

Reyes Torres to Kheophet Sengsourchianh, 660 N. Colony St. Unit 13, $176,000.

Cider Ct LLC to Joshua D. Shampain, 1087 N. Colony Road, $255,000.


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