The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Nov. 7 — Dec. 6.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Nov. 7 — Dec. 6.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Nov. 7 – Dec. 6.

William Sola and Maria H. Sola to 710 Broad Street LLC, 710 Broad St., $380,000.

Roberta A. Booker to Andres Morals, 76 Cartpath Drive, $209,000.

Mark Boganski and Debra Boganski to Toby Aldi, 173 Scott St., $157,500.

Sandra M. Morales to Chantelle J. Santiago, 231 Sunset Ave., $170,000.

Samantha Arwood to Miguel L. Santos, 29 South Ave., $80,000.

David Yum to Cherokee Diaz, 51 S. First St., $170,000.

Amended & Restated and John Buonani to Asma Yeasmin and Nasir Uddin, 251 Johnson Ave., $185,000.

Derek Currao to William C. Taylor-Irwin, 36 Winthrop Terrace, $180,000.

US Bank NA Tr to Inverness Lane Partners, 24 Guerney Ave., $67,000.

FHLMC to Centauri Investments, 54 Hitchcock Drive, $84,000.

FNMA to David Rivera, 32 Murray St., $170,101.

USA HUD to Christopher Lemere, 45 Terrace Lane, $86,500.

Michelle A. Cossette EST and MTGLQ Investors LP to Sandor Vasko, 56 Shelley Road, $96,500.

Christopher E. Monks to Jonathan Lytle, 122 Williams St., $204,900.

2016 Crone FT and Paul R. Crone to Andrew T. Piatek, 336 Columbus Ave., $151,000.

Aura N. Smith and Michael S. Sanchez, 188 Dana Lane, $235,000.

Elsie Torres-Brown to Phyllis M. Powers, 124 Metacomet Drive, $158,000.

Rita Umile and Louis T. Umile to Housing Auth of Meriden, 2 Maple Br, $80,000.

Lucy C. Diaz to Samuel T. Galloway to Tiana L. Loveless, 277 Old Stagecoach Road, $206,000.

USA HUD to ABE Properties LLC, 51 Fremont St., $116,630.

Patrick P. Charron to Xavier Gonzalez and Stephanie Chaparro, 209 Gale Ave., $160,000.

James Arthur Lenart EST and Jacqueline Seichter to Abe Properties LLC, 83 Mattabasset Drive, $80,000.

Frederick R. Daniello and CHFA to CHFA, 44 Red Fox Lane, $140,400.

Cheryl D. Fitzgerald to Jose Rivera and Judyth Rivera, 120 Windsor Ave., $184,000.

James J. Galluzzo to Carlos Andreas-Reina, 131 Chamberlain Hwy, $140,000.

Denise Nathaniel and Selena Nathaniel to Michael Carusone, 81 Gale Ave., $65,000.

Linda B. Albert EST and Jennifer L. Albert to Gilberto Pinon, 16 Millbrook Road, $200,000.

Payton Property Mgmt LLC to James P. Laudano, 15 Mattabasset Drive, $159,900.

David Torell to Victor Urgiles-Pesantez to Rosa M. Sigua, 139 Spring St., $89,000.

Amelia L. Grieco to Amy J. Battaline, 86 Orchard St., $185,000.

Dennis P. Brault and Lynne J. Brault to Richard Russell and Denise Russell, 48 Sunset Ave., $135,000.

Sezair Julien to Charles J. Borchert and Carolina Borchert, 86 North Ave., $242,500.

Jun Zaho to Yolanda Vargas, 55 New Hanover Ave., $129,900.

Robert L. Kilgore and Donna R. Gilgore to Pier 21 LLC, 89 Barberry Lane, $110,000.

Kathryn D. Klimczak-Sassu and Kari Sassu to Antonio Goiz-Santillan and Darlene Goiz-Cesar, 383 Swain Ave., $170,000.

USA HUD to Linette Cuadros, 122 Hicks St., $78,000.

Dorothy H. Kroeber T and James F. Kroeber to New England Real EST LLC, 82 Gwen Road, $85,000.

Edward Lacy to Rafael L. Torres and Sonia M. Torres, 40 S. Meadow Lane, $242,500.

Maurice Larochelle and Marjorie Larochelle to Miguel Suscal and Sonia Quizhpi, 36 Lewis Ave., $151,900.

Frank J. Cagna and Jessica Cagna to Gildardo Hebreo and Miguel A. Hebreo, 146 N. Pearl St., $130,000.

Justin J. Henry and Genevieve Henry to Kristopher Schonagel and Tiana Schonagel, 244 Atkins St. Ext., $155,000.

Nilda Morales to Reed A. Hansen and Amanda P. Rasch, 202 Olive St., $157,000.

US Bank NA Tr to MD&P Management LLC, 94 N. 3rd St., $80,500.

Gladys Ortiz to Mirium Cruz and AV Fortorreal-DeTavarez, 19 Camp St., $100,000.

Raymond Dubowsky and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 67 Crown St. Ext., $136,720.

Erika D. Robishaw to Robert Rios and Vivian I. Rios, 109 Hillcrest Ave., $162,000.

Citimortgage Inc., to Pervez Hai, 242 Cook Ave., $32,550.

Matthew J. Gurz and Jessica Martino-Gurz to Eric Tresselt, 36 Raymond Drive, $247,000.

Horvath FT and Anthony J. Horvath to Joseph Cianciolo and Maya Cianciolo, 728 Yale Ave., $255,000.

Eddie L. Pennyman EST and Mortgage Assets Mgmt to Bank New York Mellon Tr, 35 Hillside Ave., $70,000.

Mitchell Dingle to Nader Saleh, 31 Olive St., $55,000.

Lydi Martell to Real Estate Reinvented, 136 Franklin St., $65,000.

Feng T. Zhou to Lan K. Kwok-Chan, 24 Geer Ave., $67,000.

Homeowners Finance Co to Blakes Home Improvement, 2 Springdale Ave., $96,745.

Clayton A. Pace EST and Kaori Price to Cenimo FT, 38 Antonio Ave., $121,500.

James J. Wanat and Patricia D. Kelly to Joseph Migliore, 158 Graveline Ave., $160,825.

Casey P. Hart and Francesca Hart to Nicholas Racca, 723 Yale Ave., $195,000.

Michael J. Duplessis to Richard Joseph Willis T and Kim Halvorson, 135 Cardinal Drive, $215,000.

Leonardo Valestra to Mohammad H. Popal, 116 Springdale Ave., $110,000.

Irene M. Vecchitto EST and Nancy Fontanella to Conrad Walker and Michelle Walker, 233 Oak St., $80,000.

Dean A. Barucci to Xavier M. Morales and Stephanie M. Cruz, 200 Cartpath Drive, $179,000. 

Kristi A. Figueroa to Rauel Crespo and Lisa M. Crespo, 25 N. Pearl St., $134,000.

Steven Zimmitti to Alexander W. Mazzini, 95 Bee St., Unit 16, $143,000.

Diana L. Stewart to Lamont Robinson, 1396 N. Colony Road, Unit 1C, $103,000.

Hacah U. Goski to Katie M. Kearney, 1516 E. Main St., Unit 4, $149,900.

Mary Saier to Diane M. Corley, 1516 E. Main St., Unit 10, $140,000.

Denis M. Brown to Kristen Pelletier, 185 Metacomet Drive, $137,500.

Ronald H. Haines EST and Stacey Haines to Linda A. Gordon, 562 Baldwin Ave., Unit 11, $281,500.

Theresa Lucibello FT  and Patricia Dynia to Robert L. Sanderson and Cozette B. Sanderson, 562 Baldwin Ave., Unit 8, $339,900.

John Montesano to Lawrence M. Nawrocki and Michelle C. Nawrocki, 494 Mattabasset Condo, Unit 494, $164,000.