The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Dec. 6 — 9.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Dec. 6 — 9.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Dec. 6 – 16.

Pamela Early to Rose M. Manchester and Danforth H. Manchester, Villa East 1516 E. Main St., Unit 21, $145,000.

Michael Zamoic and Linda Zamoic-Hayes to Kelly C. Sanchez and Taylor W. Johnson, 51 Cedar Hills Road, $169,900.

Spencer Wedge to Aemoy Soukseunchay, 185 Swain Ave., $196,000.

Wilmington Svgs Soc to Cristina Hidalgo and Segundo R. Chuiza-Becerra, 88 Columbia St., $70,000.

Yvonne E. Swiatek and Karen A. Mucci to Rosario Cosentino and KimberlyCosentino, 16 Elmhurst Ave., $160,500.

Shirley Alvarez to Bryan Peruti, 23 McKenzie Ave., $87,000.

Adam P. Quinn to Rebecca A. Campochiaro, 40 Bret Drive, $130,000.

Victoria Richardson to Susan Alford, 7 Eaton Ave., $174,500.

Dominic Antonio and Kelly Antonio to Kristin R. Zemke, 82 Old Stagecoach Road, $167,000.

Nelson Winston and Wells Fargo Bank to Wells Fargo Bank NA, $97,500.

Jeremie T. Ozyez to Richard Carver and Laura Coiro, 47 Sorries Court, $130,000.

Sean P. Dean and Lucy C. Diaz to David Torres-Delgado, 136 Wilbur Ave., $170,000.

Arber Gashi to Henry J. Rotger-Sanabria, 12 South Court, $157,000.

Elizabeth A. Sullivan and Shannon N. Magyar to Leesett M. Rosado, 86 Lanouette St. Ext., $128,500.

Brenda M. Delahunty to Stockbridge Properties, 70 Amity St., $63,000.

Nader Saleh and Sandra M. Schede to Jomar A. Barbosa, 76 Cottage St., $152,500.

Jason I. Rosado and Tamara L. Rosado to Johnny L. Rich, 81 4th St., $193,500.

Robert Vivari and Robert Vivari to Patrick Carbone, 16 Metacomet Drive, $127,500.

Richard Augustine to Ronald Tichy, 505 Pine Meadow Unit 5-5, $400,000.

Haddijatou Janneh and Ebrima Sisay to Jazmin Delgado, 882 N. Colony Road, Unit 17, $98,000.

Ronald Tichy to Pine Meadow 7-2 LLC, 505 Pine Meadow Unit 7-2, $85,000.

Marianne Burgess and James Burgess to MZK LLC, 64 Springdale Ave., $55,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Robert Weishaus, 99 Botsford St., $81,000.