The latest real estate sales in Meriden for March 11 — 30.

MERIDEN — Property Transfers reported from March 11 – 30.

Arline J. Dunlop EST to Alyssa Pichardo, 15 Cottage St., $115,000.

Miguel Leon and Ana Ponce to Obed M. Flores, 69 Dogwood Lane, $196,500.

Andrews Kaplan to BD Asset Co 4 LLC, 134 Foster St., $105,000.

Joan A. Acampora to Wilbert Carrero and Betsy A. Carrero, 133 Preston Drive, $300,000.

CT Real Investment LLC and Bermundez Contractors LLC to Trinh Daniel and Bryan Choo, 6 Maloney Ave., $160,000.

Carol Hamberlain to Remzi Korkmas, 837 Blackstone Village, Unit 2, $55,000.

Shannon L. Rose to Douglas M. Behan, 59 Hitchcock Drive, $140,000.

Helen J, James to Robert D. Thomson and Terry E. Thompson, Meetinghouse Village Unit 53, $111,000.

Melida A. Rodriguez and Melida Arlett Rodriguez to Candida Albelo, 13 Springdale Ave., $146,500.

Richard J. Magnoli to Eric Dudley, 67 Lockwood St., $46,000.

Lawrence M. Nawrocki and Michele C. Nawrocki to Sheila Santacruz and Nancy Miranda, 178 Converse Ave., $135,000.

Fannie May and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Patrick Phanor, Blackstone Village Unit 2, $101,500.

Christelle M. Aube and Lynn Faria to Stephanie A. Anderson, 708 Murdock Ave., $250,000.

Murph Dog Realty LLC to Roberto L. Leutwiler and Rosa Olmos, 31 Wilbur Ave., $174,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Marcin Wiktorek and Elizabeth Wiktorek, Hidden Woods Condominium, Unit 2, $92,500.

Stephanie Anderson to Joseph R. Marticello, Jr., Village Walk Unit 1, $97,000.

Bright and Sunny LLC to Yahaira Heredia, Meetinghouse Village Condominium, Bldg. 55, Unit 5, $123,000.

Carolyn Cello EST to Sean Francis and Kelly Francis, Allen Court Condominiums, Unit 3, $60,000.

Stephen J. Mezey to Zina Jones, 34 Hampshire Road, $280,000.

Deborah A. O’Donnell to Benjamin Property Investment LLC, 269 Spring St., $57,000.

Tina M. Zima to Erin E. Morrell, Lake Ridge Condominium, Unit 5, $119,900.

Hector Diaz to City of Meriden, Portion of 51 Columbus Ave., $77,500.

Diane L. St. Jean to Danielle M. Sporbert, 90 Highland Ave., $165,000.

Lauren Y. Anderson to Richard Austin, 793 Hollow Brook II, Bldg. 793, Unit D, $121,5000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Jatin Patel and Bina Patel, 589 E. Main St., $162,277.

Richard S. Walker and Nancy S. Walker to Randy Cadett and Catherine Cantoni, 130 Old Farm Road, $178,000.

Laurie T. Petruzielo to Wilfredo Rivera Reyes, 30 Coe St., $160,000.

A&S Developers LLC to Quantix Enterprises LLC, 392 Main St., $17,000.

Paul M. Simoneau and Cheryl D. Simoneau to Dario Verdugo, 27 Hobart St., $179,900.


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