The latest real estate sales in Meriden for Feb. 26 – March 5.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from Feb. 26 – March 5.

134 Cooper Street LLC to Akeem Mckenzie, 75 Live Oak Lane, $300,000.

Neil Lukonis to Aaron A. Moore, 136 Bunker Ave., $170,700.

Fred Miglietta to Jason D. Merriam and Nichole L. Merriam, 53 Sherman Ave., $124,000.

William Hawthorn T and William Hawthorn to Carmen Betancourt and Anthony Bartolomey, 81 Side Hill Road, $208,989.

Winifred Ck Saunders to CT Housing Alliance LLC, 82 Orange St., $35,000.

Thomas Jk Shanahan to Edwin Martinez-Colon, 6 South Court, $173,500.

Steven Tk Orosz to Norman Baker, 28 Ridgewood Road, $206,500.

Brittany Ek Burke to Xiomara Rosado, 4 Birch Road, $170,000.

Said Solah to Leticia Benitez, 122 Lewis Ave., $185,000.

Quicken Loans Inc to Edward A. Cianci, 53 Nancy Lane, $131,050.

Sherry A. Mattesini to Franklin J. Paredes-Jose, 42 Falcon Lane, $260,000.

Jeremiah Huntington to Matthew J. Crowley, 80 Orchard St., $180,000.

Carmen Garcia to Daniel Slopak, 200 Britannia St., $84,000.

David Mozdziak to George S. Daher, 33 Garden St., $165,000.

John J. Defrancesco and Caroline H. Defrancesco to Johnny Velez, 110 Kennedy Drive, $255,000.

Maria Griffith to Richely Melendez and Joseph Connelly, 33 Parkview St., $200,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Willis Holdings LLC, 42 Sherman Ave., $80,000.

David Mozdziak to Cori S. Theriault and Deidre T. Theriault, 255 E. Woodland St., $239,000.

Guds Director Of The Dept to Pamela Soto, 239 Old Stagecoach Road, $175,000.


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