The latest real estate sales in Meriden for June 5 — 11.

The latest real estate sales in Meriden for June 5 — 11.

MERIDEN — Property transfers reported from June 5 – 11.

Nicholas R. Coladonato to Jason Vitagliano, 176 Fairway Drive, $240,000.

Josia Go and Purwati Santoso to Kelly Grattan, 26 Douglas Drive, $175,000.

Louis V. Scala to Andria N. Carter, 67 Sage Hill Road, $197,000.

Ulyana Bilyk to Joann Hutchinson and Ryan M. Milhomme, 71 Dryden Drive, $191,000.

Sabrina Paige to Mizhquero DelRocio-Rodas and Edison E. Vitta-Taco, 58 Bronson Ave., $117,000.

Mary W. Hogrefe to Amina Blake-Foreman, 17 Melody Lane, $121,000.

Alice M. Gosselin EST and Phillip Gosselin to Mukaddam Madjidova, 12 Morton Road, $130,000.

Kelly Curry to Dena Tash, 75 Live Oak Lane, $285,000.

Stephen E. Szymaszek and Joyce J. Szymaszek to Angelique Muniz and Alexandro G. Muniz, 73 Dexter Ave., $200,000.

Aprill A. Ouellette to Cheril L. Bisclair, 82 Harrington St., $75,000.

Westwood Acres LLC to Joshua Belcourt, 253 Spring St., $150,000.

Sharon Cruz to Jennifer L. Papacoda, 844 Blackstone Village, $92,000.

USA HUD to Elizabeth Castro-Lozada, 161 Lambert Ave., $162,650.

FNMA to Winaudy Estrella, 504 E. Main St., $170,000.

Robert Weishaus to James M. Pelle and James L. Pelle, 99 Botsford St., $249,000.

Jennifer Papcoda to Jason Santiago, 100 Paddock Ave., $210,000.

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