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Hundreds attend annual Biker's Against Animal Cruelty event in North Haven

NORTH HAVEN — Bikers Against Animal Cruelty, Inc. recently hosted their twelfth annual motorcycle rally and pet adoption event at the North Haven fairgrounds. Proceeds go to defer the cost of veterinary bills for animals who have been abused or neglected. 

This year’s rally saw “about 800 people and 60 vendors,” according to Rosalie DeCrosta, BAAC public relations coordinator. 

“This was one of our best events this year and we had some of the most talented vendors in Connecticut there,” she said. 

Vendors offered everything from woodworking to quilting and tarot card reading. iHeart Radio broadcast the entire event from 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday and live music played throughout. Different shelters also came with dogs and cats, but this year the rally even got the chance to work with a bird rescue. 

“I love seeing the people come in and have a good time,” said Greg Belcher, BAAC president. “The adoptable animals, I love seeing them get homes and go home to a forever home so that they’re not in shelters anymore.” 

The event started twelve years ago when a group of friends got together with the goal of helping shelters and the animals in them. 

“They started to see an increased need and more abused and neglected animals so they thought they would take it a step further,” Belcher said.

For more information on future events and the BAAC, you can click here

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