Caldwell cinches fire commission seat from 24 year incumbent Criscuolo

Caldwell cinches fire commission seat from 24 year incumbent Criscuolo

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On Tuesday, Sept. 10, party-endorsed candidate Jennifer Caldwell clinched the nomination for fire commissioner in the Democratic primary.

Caldwell’s victory marks an end to incumbent Peter Criscuolo’s 24 years of service as commissioner. 

The final tally was 347 for Caldwell and 269 for Criscuolo. 

“I am very excited to join the fire commission. It was a group effort, so I appreciate all the help I got,” said Caldwell. “Democrats are ready for a change on our fire commission.” 

As fire commissioner, Criscuolo raised more than $100,000 for the town’s fire department after funds for ballistic vests and new helmets for the department were rejected by the Board of Finance in the 2019-20 budget.

Also, Criscuolo is looking to raise funds for a new LUCAS heart compression machine.

Though Criscuolo said he was “disappointed” to not return as commissioner, he still intends to support the fire department and first responders. 

“I wish the new commissioner the best,” he said. “I will continue to raise money for medical and emergency equipment.” 

However, going forward, Caldwell says she wants to make sure that North Haven firefighters don’t have to rely on fundraising. 

“The goal is that the needs of our fire department are met through the budget process,” she said. “We also need to let North Haven residents know that they have a voice in the budget.”
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