Award-winning North Haven artist to address club

The North Haven Camera Club will host Mark Battista on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. for two recently-created online presentations: “Developing Creativity” and “Exploring Motion and Gesture.”

The talk on developing creativity will focus on various ways of coming up with ideas that can be used to compose creative style photography shots.

The presentation on motion is another way to look at using the camera in a slightly unusual way.

So often photographers want to freeze action, but this talk is focused on embracing motion and blur.

Mark and his wife Joy, who reside in North Haven, are both members of the North Haven Camera Club. Mark graduated from Paier College of Art, where he was awarded “The Outstanding Illustration Major Award.” He is an award-winning and nationally-recognized painter and fine art photographer specializing in still life and portrait imagery. He has worked as an illustrator, fine artist and educator for 35 years.

To attend the Oct. 4 presentation as a guest, email


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