North Haven father, son dentistry team combine locations

North Haven father, son dentistry team combine locations

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NORTH HAVEN — After years of practicing at two separate locations, father/son duo Dr. Joseph Gargano and Dr. Ted Gargano consolidated Gargano Family Dentistry to one location on Washington Avenue.

The elder Gargano previously operated an office on Elm Street. After graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2015, his son opened the family’s second practice on St. John Street. 

“I have a flashbulb memory of being on the bus when I was a kid, I think it was fifth grade. It was this weird moment where I was like ‘You know what? I want to do dentistry.’ That was the first real memory I have of wanting to be a dentist,” Ted Gargano said. 

From that moment, his plan was to join his father’s practice and eventually take it over. 

The Gargano family has been a part of the North Haven community for years. Joseph Gargano has been practicing in town for almost 40 years. 

Despite the years of experience, consolidating two practices into a building at 21 Washington Ave. came with challenges.

“We had two separate staffs. Getting everyone to be on the same page was quite a challenge,” Ted Gargano said. “You get really used to working in a certain building, a certain workspace. Another large challenge was transferring records to a new database. That comes with a whole separate layer of challenges.” 

First selectman Mike Freda attended a June ribbon cutting ceremony for the new location, which opened in October. 

 “I was delighted to see they kept the architectural charm of the building that had been there for decades on Washington Avenue,” Freda said. “... back in the 40’s and 50’s it was a residential home.” 

Ted Gargano said the work is challenging but gratifying. 

“You will get that patient who’s extremely afraid, but they come because they have a problem and they recognize that problem,” he said. “I have to get that person to a point where I can do what they are literally most afraid of and make them feel comfortable...that is incredibly rewarding to me.”
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