Knights celebrate group’s founder

Brother Knights and 4th degree Honor Guard celebrated the first Feast of Blessed Father Michael McGivney at St. Barnabas Church in North Haven on Aug. 13.  

The founder of the Knights of Columbus, Father McGivney was a central figure in the growth of Catholicism in America, and he remains a model today. His example of charity, evangelization and empowerment of the laity continues to bear fruit and guide Knights of Columbus around the world.

Father McGivney was beatified on Oct. 31, 2020 and we pray for his canonization.

This is who we are

I am a Knight of Columbus.

We are Catholic men building a bridge back to faith.

There is much work to be done in this world. 

Good work. Necessary work. 

And that’s what the Knights do. Every day.

Assisting the sick and disabled and veterans.

Protecting those who can’t protect themselves. 

Whether they are next door or halfway around the world. 

This is the journey we are on. 

Our path.

We do it to be better husbands, fathers, sons, neighbors.

We invest our time, our effort, and our resources into our values: Charity. Unity. Fraternity. Patriotism.

We come from many places. And backgrounds. And stages in our lives. 

A fraternity of men striving to better ourselves and our world.

It’s one thing to say who you are.

It’s another to live it. 

To put your values into action. 

That’s what we do at the Knights of Columbus.

That’s who we are.


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